23 May 2013

Use of Email to Satisfy Mail Delivery Requirements of SEC Disclosure Rules


Use of Email to Satisfy Mail Delivery Requirements of SEC Disclosure Rules We were recently asked to review the disclosure by mail delivery requirements of US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Rule 14d-4. In summary, RPost’s patented technology is uniquely positioned to serve as an alternative to delivery by postal mail while meeting requirements for these disclosure notices. Please review the legal analyses for further details. Our review... Read more...

11 Jul 2012

Litigation Counsel Guide: How to Prove Service of Court Documents by Email

This posting should serve as a reference guide for process servers or lawyers who need to prove service by email. (1) Request permission to serve by email Request permission from the judge to serve court documents sent by RPost Registered Email service. Report to the judge that you will use the RPost Registered Email service as this method will produce a Registered Receipt email record that could be filed in paper form as supporting evidence of proof... Read more...

27 Apr 2012

What you Need to Know when Using Email for Compliant Consumer Debt Collection

Today, the collections industry, like many others, are transitioning to more use of email. The cost savings are significant. The compliance issues are important as well. During the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) workshop, “Debt Collection 2.0,” RPost provided expert testimony related to email use in the collections process. I have prepared a memo that reviews five important topics that were discussed at the FTC workshop relating to email use in... Read more...

06 Mar 2012

Can you Serve Court Papers by Email?

As we are in the email proof business, we are often asked, “Can you serve court notices and summons using email?” The quick answer is yes, but it depends on many factors including acceptance and approval from local court rules and applicable statutes and of course the specific presiding judge. An instance I can share where serving a summons via email was approved is one in which RPost is involved and we used our own Registered Email technology... Read more...

27 Oct 2010

Best Practices: Considerations for Electronic Submission of Automotive Records / Documents to State Departments of Motor Vehicles

Background: Enactment of electronic laws – the Electronic Signatures in global commerce Act (ESIGN, the federal statute) and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA – adopted by forty-six states) are basically similar and were designed to facilitate electronic transactions consistent with other applicable law by simplifying, clarifying and modernizing the law governing commerce and governmental transactions through the use of electronic... Read more...

08 Oct 2010

When can you Convert Legal Notices to Registered Email messages?

I was recently asked a question by an insurance company in Massachusetts that is likely a question on the minds of many who are looking to cut cost and reduce paper and mail use in the insurance sector. As such, let me share my response to their question, “…could we move to convert our thousands of insurance cancellation notices from first class mail with certificate of sending to Registered Email service by RPost?” Since RPost does not... Read more...

30 Apr 2007

La Lawyer


ProvingReceipt and Content of an Email MessageBy Carole Levitt and Mark Rosch / LOS ANGELES LAWYER FREQUENTLY, LEGAL TRANSACTIONS are handled electronically, including document filing and correspondence with clients, counsel, and opposing counsel. For the most part, electronic messages and attachments are accorded the same legal status as print documents. (Some, such as wills, are excluded.) The laws behind legal use of electronic documents... Read more...

23 Jan 2007

RPost enhances flagship Registered Email service with greater security for email attachments.


Upgrade provides option to automatically convert Microsoft Office attachments to PDFs with one mouse click, at no added cost. Los Angeles, January 23, 2007 – RPost® US Inc., the Registered Email® service company, today announced the immediate availability of a new Convert to PDF feature that allows for on-the-fly conversion of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents to PDF files, at no additional cost. With the upgraded RPost service,... Read more...