06 Feb 2017

How Fashion House Hermes and a Prominent Multinational Corporation Secured Legal Wins with Email


Many attorneys, paralegals, HR professionals, and professional service providers steer clear of email when sending legal notices (or notices they are legally obligated to send). Some incorrectly think of email as a medium for only casual or inconsequential correspondence. The truth, however, is that email is often even better than courier or postal delivery for notices with legal implications — but only when coupled with a service that provides... Read more...

06 Oct 2016

Claim Denied Due to Missing Email

At Frankel Insurance, staff sent an email to bind additional commercial property to an existing policy. Later, a claim was submitted to the insurance carrier, and the carrier denied having a record of the additional property having been added to the policy. Who said what when is often the core of many business disputes. With email notices, it is often not who sent what when, but rather, who sent what, when was it received, and what did it say? In... Read more...

10 Mar 2016

“Who Said What When” is at the Centre of Most Disputes

Most would agree that “who said what when” is at the centre of most disputes. In today’s email-centric world, many turn to their “Sent Folder” or “Inbox” to demonstrate who said what when. They may forward these emails to the people with whom they are in dispute, or may print the email to serve as their record. Before relying on this simple text record, it is essential to consider how it will stand up to scrutiny if its content authenticity,... Read more...

30 Aug 2011

RPost E-Signature Upgrade Applies Most Evidential Weight Available to Contracts

This latest RPost electronic signature upgrade delivers all the elements necessary for upholding legal contracts in today’s automated technology environments with three crucial, specific elements: Auditable Proof of Signoff:  Only RPost technology provides a record of precisely what message content was in fact sent, received, and signed off with a robust audit trail that is cryptographically associated with the signoff record content and timestamps. ... Read more...

11 Jul 2011

The $25 Billion Email Mistake: Memo Knocks Out Facebook Opponents’ Lawyers

Three weeks after the publication of my open memo to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg – first published by Business Insider on June 8, 2011 – plaintiff lawyers from law firms DLA Piper LLP and Lippes Mathias Wexler Friedman LLP dropped out of their lawsuit against Facebook, despite the awaiting percentage of a potential $25 billion bounty. This memo, with the subject, “Grounds for Early Dismissal of Ceglia’s Claims — Paul Ceglia’s... Read more...

02 May 2011

The United States Federal Trade Commission selects RPost’s CEO to Testify at a Public Hearing


Hearing Examines Use of New Technologies in the Consumer Collections Process. On April 28th, 2011, the Federal Trade Commission hosted a day-long public workshop in the nation’s capital to consider the impact of technological advances on the consumer debt collection system. The workshop explored how ever changing technology affects the ways debt collectors can communicate with consumers and how emails are being used by collection agencies in the... Read more...

06 Dec 2010

Modernize Notice Provisions of Contracts for eSignatures and Email Legal Notices

As you begin to transact more business electronically, consider the often boilerplate notice provision that you are using in your contracts.  For every contract that you e-sign, there may be many contract notices that you must deliver (pricing, terms, quantity, product delivery, specification, addendum, breach notices and changes). If you can successfully convert these to email with assurance of your ability to prove valid receipt of your legal contractual... Read more...

01 Dec 2010

What is Local Computer Time? Time Zone Determination on Registered Email Receipts

We often receive inquiries as to how the ‘local time’ is pegged to a user’s time zone when a sender may be logging in from different computers in different time zones. On each Registered Receipt – the evidence of your email content, time and delivery when using the Registered Email delivery proof service – there are three times noted.  Below is some information as to what these times mean, all of which are sourced and set from the uniform... Read more...

08 Nov 2010

Email Carries the Power of Paper


The following article, “Email Carries the Power of Paper” is useful to demonstrate that text typed in email may carry the same weight as text memorialized in paper documents. However, one should consider that if one is to rely on email records, they should ensure that the integrity of the content of those records and the time of delivery cannot be successfully challenged. To shirk responsibility, it is all too easy to deny receipt or challenge... Read more...

05 Dec 2007

Archiving Option


NewCapability Automatically Copies RegisteredEmail Receipts to Secure Online Archive,Streamlining Storage and Retrieval Processfor E-discovery LOS ANGELES—December 5, 2007—RPost®, the leader in managed outbound messaging, today announced that it has added automatic archiving to its suite of on-demand Registered Email® services. RPost users are now given the option to have a copy of their Registered Receipt email automatically archived... Read more...