11 Jul 2012

US Courts Accept Proof of Service by RPost Registered Email Receipt

New York and Texas Federal Courts Accept Proof of Service by RPost Registered Email Receipt Los Angeles, CA — July 11th, 2012 – New York litigators report breaking new ground in getting a few federal district court judges in New York to permit service of process on defendants entirely by email, if proof of email receipt can be provided to the courts. Joseph C. Gioconda, Attorney, Counselor at Law and Founder of Gioconda Law Group PLLC,... Read more...

03 May 2012

Would Metadata Cleaning Spoil your Evidence?

In Dr. Ball’s blog, he smartly notes: “Application metadata resides within the file and moves with the file, not changing unless the contents of the file are altered. System metadata resides outside the file and can be altered without impacting the contents of the file. Hashing the file hashes its contents, not information about the file. That is, you only hash what’s stored inside the file, not its system metadata.” He also notes other points... Read more...

20 Nov 2007

techno Release

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Let’s start with a short quiz on email accountability: a) What do you do if a recipient disputes the content of your email? b) What do you do if a recipient claims to have never received your email? If your response to either of these examples makes reference to the “Sent” folder, Archive, or Read Receipt as a solution, you are falling prey to common misconceptions about email. The fact is that email stored in your “Sent”... Read more...