15 Jun 2016

LinkedIn Acquisition Illuminates Microsoft’s Vision for the Business World

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced its acquisition of social networking site LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, summarized the acquisition as follows: “We are in pursuit of a common mission centered on empowering people and organizations.” What will this mean to the 1.2 billion Microsoft Office users around the world? Microsoft will invest significantly to convert its billion plus Office users to its new... Read more...

25 Aug 2015

The Formula for Success in Internet Security

As we wrote in March in our blog, “If Only Hillary Clinton Knew About RMail,” one cannot ignore the need for both security and ease of use. The constant challenge for IT professionals and security experts is to balance security and usability. If the most secure system is too complicated or cumbersome to use, people will circumvent it. Once the official or corporate system is circumvented, security has devolved from professional (IT executive)... Read more...

02 Oct 2013

RPost Enables Secure Large File Transfers Direct From MS Outlook

All-in-One Solution for High-Value Email Receives Major Update Los Angeles, CA – Oct 2, 2013 – RPost, the inventor of Registered Email®  track, prove, e-sign and encrypt technology, today announced the release of a major software update of its RMail®  software plugin for Microsoft Outlook users. The release specifically contains usability improvements for LargeMail, RMail’s large file transfer feature. After installing the new version,... Read more...

02 Oct 2013

Send Large Files Directly from Outlook

Our newly released update for the RMail Outlook plugin includes major updates to the LargeMail®service. After installing the new version, RMail users will be able to attach and send files up to 200MB directly from the “Send Registered” dialog box. There is also a new option to send files via LargeMail automatically when your attachments exceed a size you specify. To pick up the new Outlook plugin release, click here, choose your Outlook version... Read more...

28 Aug 2013

Strategic Insurance Software Adds RPost for Messaging Compliance

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Strategic Insurance Software embeds RPost to provide insurance agencies a streamlined solution for email encryption, e-signatures, E&O protection, and more. Columbus, OH and Los Angeles, CA – August 28, 2013 – Strategic Insurance Software, providers of Partner XE, a leading agency management system for independent agents, today announced their release of the Partner XE Outlook Plug-in version 2.0. The plug-in includes a seamless integration... Read more...

31 Oct 2012

RPost for Outlook – What’s New 2012

In addition to RPost’s existing services – Registered Email proof, email encryption, electronic signatures, PDF conversion, metadata management and others — RPost’s November upgrade for Outlook will include: 1. New Service: Secure large file transfer 2. New Configurations: Send secure only, with password prompt dialog Obtaining electronic signatures on email message body text Sending from Send Button with Digital Seal sender... Read more...

28 Mar 2012

New RPost Add-In Has Bright Outlook


by Sean Doherty – Law Technology News It’s no secret that a large number of legal professionals use Microsoft Outlook to receive, send, and manage their email. If you are among the majority of LTN readers that receive the LTN Daily Alert or the E-Discovery & Compliance Alert in Outlook, you may need some help managing your messages, as well as Outlook tasks, contacts, calendars, and RSS feeds. Third-party add-ins from the likes of... Read more...

10 Nov 2011

LAW.com: RPost Updates Outlook Email Plug-In


By Evan Koblentz – LAW.com RPost this week expanded its secure email service for Microsoft Outlook and said it’s preparing legal-specific industry partnerships. The company’s product, RMail Desktop for Outlook, adds its own send button adjacent to the standard Microsoft one. RMail allows senders to encrypt messages and request delivery signatures; the new version adds the ability to send their own signatures and to allow encrypted replies,... Read more...

09 Nov 2011

Green Technology World: RPost Unveils Integrated Security, Legal and Document Services for Microsoft Outlook


RPost, the inventor of Registered Email services, reported it released an upgrade to its RPost desktop software extension for Microsoft Outlook. In the release, the Company noted details of the upgrade: RPost for Outlook 2000-2010 is an integrated messaging platform that provides for legal electronic messaging, business productivity, messaging collaboration, email encryption security and document signing services, all offered through a light plug-in... Read more...

03 Nov 2011

RPost’s Desktop Software Upgrade for Microsoft Outlook Brings a Comprehensive Business Messaging Extension that Includes New and Intuitive Tools for Third-Party Developers


RPost for Outlook 2000-2010 is an integrated messaging platform that provides for legal electronic messaging, business productivity, unique messaging collaboration, email encryption security and document signing services – all offered through a light plug-in that adds a special “Send Registered” button to the Outlook toolbar for on-demand functionality. As part of this significant upgrade, RPost also offers a new special developers’ version... Read more...