28 Feb 2017

RPost Listed in Gartner’s Market Guide for Electronic Signature as a Representative Vendor


Los Angeles, CA – February 28, 2017 — RPost today announced it was included by Gartner as a representative vendor in the tech advisory company’s Market Guide for Electronic Signature, a report which discusses e-signature market characteristics. Gartner, a leading information technology research and advisory company operating in more than 90 countries, published the report last month for its advisory clients seeking to understand the e-signature... Read more...

19 Dec 2016

E-Signature Market Update: What to Expect in 2017

Much of the uncertainty as to the legality of electronically signed contracts has dissipated over the last decade and a half — through definitions in the broad state (UETA) and Federal (ESIGN) statutes, and through practice by the first few waves of adopters. Today, e-signature services are widely used by professionals within financial services, insurance, real estate, legal services, and other industries. Most business professionals are now... Read more...

02 Jun 2016

Are E-Signatures Legal?

People use e-signatures every day without even realizing they’re “e-signing” — signing on an electronic signature pad at grocery store check-out, replying to an email with a typed confirmation of terms, or putting in a PIN code for a debit card transaction, for example. Most people have no doubts about the legality of these everyday “e-sign” transactions. Yet, according to a member poll of the International Association of Commercial... Read more...

09 Apr 2010

Processor: RPost E-Contracting Solution


RPost introduced its E-Contracting Solution, which consists of RPost’s eSignOff electronic signature offering and Registered Email legal delivery proof services.  The product lets users send legally verified and e-signed contracts via email where the recipient can view and forward without needing to download additional software or log in to a Web site.  More Info

08 Apr 2010

SupplyChainBrain: RPost Offers E-Contracting to Replace Digital Signatures

RPost has released its E-Contracting Solution for electronic commerce. The vendor is a provider of e-mail proof, privacy and electronic signature technology. The new product combines elements of RPost’s upgraded eSignOff for electronic signatures, and Registered Email for legal delivery proof. It permits the sender to attach any contract to an e-mail. The recipient can review the contract without the need to download any software, or log in to another... Read more...

28 Jul 2009

Mailwatcher Alliance

RPost’s Patented Registered Email® Service, Now Made Available in France as a Mailwatcher Enterprise Solution, is a Very Low Cost Tool that Reduces Risk in Disputes Involving Email, Giving Senders the Upper Hand with Certified Delivery Evidence, Tracking and Email Content Proof  LOS ANGELES, CA—July 28, 2009 – RPost®, the leader in value-added outbound messaging with its flagship Registered Email® service delivery proof and eSignOff™ electronic... Read more...

19 Feb 2009

eContracting Webinar


Session with Cox Business discusses real use case on how the cable industry leader has leveraged e-contracts to cut the quote-to-cash time, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction LOS ANGELES, CA—February 19, 2009 – With today’s fast pace of business, parties regularly discuss, negotiate and informally settle upon terms over email. But when it comes time for the final signature, many still revert back to paper-based transactions... Read more...