18 Oct 2011

For Recipients of Encrypted Registered Email® Messages

When you receive a Registered Email® message sent with RPost® email encryption service options, you receive a message visibly indicating that it was transmitted encrypted. This means the sender understands the importance of protecting the privacy of your email correspondence and attached letters or data. They have opted to send their messages using the RPost system to ensure the highest levels of data privacy and security. The message has visible... Read more...

16 Aug 2011

E-Signature Upgrade Applies Most Evidential Weight Available to Contracts

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Award-winning RPost releases comprehensive electronic signature service upgrade with court-admissible document, contract, and multi-party signoff tools that plug into Salesforce.com, Outlook, Lotus, web-mail and other applications LOS ANGELES, CA — Aug 16, 2011 — RPost, the inventor of Registered Email® services, today released a comprehensive electronic signature service upgrade that builds upon RPost’s secure messaging platform, which... Read more...

28 Apr 2011

insideARM.com: FTC Panel 4: That Time My Mind Was Blown or Is Email Considered Mail?


by Mike Bevel – insideARM.com The question was startling in its simplicity — one of those things that I’ve probably taken for granted my whole life. (Or, at least, the whole of my life that was aware of the Internet.) Is email considered mail? “Well of course it…is? Or isn’t? I mean, it’s definitely…not. Or it is?” I was heartened to see the panelists struggling as much as I was. Email communication seems like a fantastic... Read more...

05 Nov 2010

Best Practices Guide to Use of eSignatures


The following best practices guide prepared by Wolters Kluwer presents a useful map of items to consider when deploying an e-signature initiative. The RPost services that map to the processes noted in the white paper are: Register Reply Service: used to record consent by both parties to specifics about the selected e-signature process such as agreement to use certain email addresses or e-signature processes Email SignOff Service: Used to obtain recipient... Read more...

27 Oct 2010

Best Practices: Considerations for Electronic Submission of Automotive Records / Documents to State Departments of Motor Vehicles

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Background: Enactment of electronic laws – the Electronic Signatures in global commerce Act (ESIGN, the federal statute) and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA – adopted by forty-six states) are basically similar and were designed to facilitate electronic transactions consistent with other applicable law by simplifying, clarifying and modernizing the law governing commerce and governmental transactions through the use of electronic... Read more...

11 May 2010

Mitratech Extends TeamConnect with Proof, Privacy, and E-Signature Services by RPost

The TeamConnect / RPost offering provides Corporate Counsel confidence in email transmittal, the ability to expedite contract activation, and improved VAT support LOS ANGELES– May 11, 2010 – Mitratech, provider of market-leading collaborative accountability applications for businesses worldwide, and RPost®, the leading provider of email proof, privacy, and electronic signature services, today announced the release of RPost services as an extension... Read more...

15 Apr 2010

Brockmann & Company: RPost’s New eSignOff Combines Written & Digital Signatures


In a update briefing last week with Zafar Khan, CEO of RPost, the electronic signature and registered email company that I first blogged about in 2008 while at Lotusphere, the company described its introduction of a new product for electronic signatures. I’ve been an enthusiast for digital signatures as popularized by the Public Key Infrastructure solutions from RSA or Entrust, blending strong cryptographic technologies with hash mechanisms... Read more...

08 Apr 2010

SupplyChainBrain: RPost Offers E-Contracting to Replace Digital Signatures

RPost has released its E-Contracting Solution for electronic commerce. The vendor is a provider of e-mail proof, privacy and electronic signature technology. The new product combines elements of RPost’s upgraded eSignOff for electronic signatures, and Registered Email for legal delivery proof. It permits the sender to attach any contract to an e-mail. The recipient can review the contract without the need to download any software, or log in to another... Read more...

24 Mar 2010

RPost Makes Digital Signatures Obsolete with New E-Contracting Solution

LOS ANGELES– March 24, 2010 – RPost®, the leading provider of email proof, privacy, and electronic signatures, today announced the release of its new E-Contracting Solution that combines the best elements of RPost’s upgraded eSignOff®electronic signature and Registered Email® service legal delivery proof. The electronic commerce laws permit great efficiencies for business transactions by use of electronic signatures. However, the unfortunate... Read more...

15 Nov 2009

ePostal RPost eSignOff service


RPost Claims to Make Digital Signatures Obsolete RPost, the registered email house, say e-signatures are way to complicated for mass adoption so it’s upgraded its five-year old eSignOff electronic signature and contracting service so documents can be signed simply by using your mouse as though it was a pen – sort of like the way retail establishment use those horrid styluses to sign a charge. The company reflects that it’s been nearly... Read more...