30 Nov 2018

Your Spit is Your Real Government ID

DNA Card

The DHS is using Congress’ “Real ID” Act of 2005 to require all US states to issue new, more robust IDs for air travel originating in the United States (source). Has the DHS missed the real opportunity, to consider today’s state of technology? There are already millions upon millions of dollars being spent to upgrade every citizen’s driver’s license to a “Real ID”. Why not, in the same process, associate each one’s retina scan, fingerprint,... Read more...

DNA Card
18 Sep 2017

State Bar of Montana Approves RMail for Registered Email and Encryption

Los Angeles, California — September 18, 2017   The State Bar of Montana has approved RPost’s RMail® Registered Email™ and email encryption services for its members and has added RMail services as a member benefit. An all-in-one email extension for security, compliance, and productivity, RMail integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook and Gmail, the two main email platforms used by legal professionals.   “It’s a critical tool... Read more...

20 Jul 2017

$100 Million IT Budget May Not Secure “The Human Factor”

Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman has joined a new club along with the CEOs of Goldman Sachs, Barclays and Citigroup. Each has fallen victim to an email prankster who, posing as a colleague or friend, sent email messages to them and tricked them into responding. Luckily no money or data was stolen. SourceThese banks spend millions on cybersecurity yet the weakest link is still the human factor. It’s easy to push “send” on a reply email, text... Read more...

15 Jun 2017

You’re Making Your Clients Nervous with Weblinks

Why are you emailing your clients weblinks to documents? They’re not supposed to click on unknown links. It’s making them nervous. Even if you’re using popular apps like dropbox to share files, you can’t be sure your client will trust the link. Nor should they. They might think it’s a phishing scheme. If you’re using a link retrieval system to “prove” that documents were received by your clients for compliance reasons, you may want... Read more...

15 Jun 2017

Pentagon Emails Used in Spoofing Scam

The Pentagon is the latest victim of an email spoofing campaign. Pentagon colleagues, partners and vendors are receiving fake emails that appear to be coming from Defense Security Service (DSS) employees. Cyber criminals are most likely trying to hack into company servers and then find a backdoor into the Pentagon server itself. source Most business owners don’t know how easy it is to send a fake email that appears to come from a colleague, vendor... Read more...

20 Feb 2017

What Has a Longer Aftertaste: Colorado Brownies or Russian Forged Cookies?


When the politicians in Colorado legalized cannabis, we all learned about the after effects of Rocky Mountain brownies – but the calories and cannabis burn off after a few hours. What about Russian Forged Cookies? While these “cookies” are tasteless, they have long-lasting after effects that can be costly. What is an HTTP cookie? An HTTP cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on your computer, used by websites to remember... Read more...

03 Jan 2017

2017 Cybersecurity Report Cards and Bug Bounty Programs


How will the cybersecurity landscape change in 2017? Many businesses still feel woefully behind in their response to the pervasive threat of cybercrime. Let’s review how companies in different countries and different industries are rating their own cybersecurity strategies heading into 2017. Cybersecurity Report Card – Barely a Passing Grade Researchers asked 700 security executives in nine countries how well their organization was dealing with... Read more...

17 Nov 2016

RPost’s RMail Adds Cyber-Security to Microsoft Outlook Everywhere

Los Angeles, CA – November 17, 2016 – RPost’s upgraded RMail cyber-security product is now available a click away for individuals and businesses worldwide that use any version of Microsoft Outlook. RMail has now been added to the largest Microsoft online stores and technology distribution channels. RMail® is a security, compliance, and productivity add-in that empowers email users with all-in-one sending options including email encryption,... Read more...

31 Oct 2016

Nevermind Zombies and Ghouls; SEC Audits are a Real Nightmare for RIAs


This recent article, written by Equities Contributor Destiny A. Lopez, features RPost. The article discusses how the SEC has increased the number of enforcement actions against Registered Investment Advisors (RIA’s). The article also offers some suggestions as to how RIAs can comply with SEC guidelines, including using Rmail® Registered Email™ services. [Read the full article.]      More Info

25 Oct 2016

RPost’s Update for RMail Brings Enhanced Cybersecurity and Collaboration Features

Los Angeles, CA – October 25, 2016 — An extensive update has arrived to RPost’s flagship cyber-security product RMail, the all-in-one service that empowers email users’ Microsoft Outlook and Gmail interfaces with sending options including email encryption, open tracking, certified delivery proof, e-signatures, and secure large file transfers. RMail® has been relied upon for important messaging by governments and businesses of all sizes... Read more...