24 Sep 2013

etfile Joins RPost to Close Document Management Delivery Gap

Secure Document Management and e-Signature Offering Effectively Tracks and Guarantees Receipt of High-Priority, Sensitive Electronic Data WESTBOROUGH, MA – Sep 24, 2013 – Securing its reputation as a premier workflow and document management solutions provider, etfile today announced its partnership with RPost, creator of the Registered Email® service. The partnership was created to offer a cost-effective means to track, guarantee receipt,... Read more...

30 May 2013

More than Data Encryption – The Overlooked HIPAA Benefits Unlock Permitted Cost Savings and Time Efficiencies

People often view HIPAA as a burden – heightened regulatory enforcement related to data protection and privacy. It is. However, most overlook the efficiencies that HIPAA permits. With the right email encryption services, you can now move personal, private and protected information to electronic delivery. This typically creates cost savings in itself as much of this information is transmitted by fax and expensive courier services. Most are aware... Read more...

23 May 2013

Use of Electronic Signatures and Electronic Delivery for HIPAA-Required Patient and Beneficiary Authorizations, Notices and Acknowledgments

With the heightened enforcement environment related to HIPAA compliance, we thought it might be useful to post this 2008 article written by Jon Neiditz. Neiditz is a partner in Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough’s Atlanta office and co-leader of the Firm’s Information Management Practice. His practice focuses on his clients meeting the challenges of electronically stored and sent information. Read below… An Attempt to Clarify the... Read more...

13 May 2013

RPost E-Signature Services Cited as a Strong Performer by Independent Research Firm


RPost achieves top score in breadth and depth of e-signature services, compliance with industry/country regulations and technical standards, and enterprise scalability categories. Forrester Research, Inc. has recognized RPost as a strong performer in electronic signature services, according to the report, The Forrester Wave™: E-Signatures, Q2 2013. RPost was among select companies Forrester Research invited to participate in its Forrester Wave™:... Read more...

31 Oct 2012

RPost and Clearswift Team to Offer RPost Encryption Automated based on Message Content


RPost and Clearswift have teamed to permit companies to automate detection of messages that require encryption for compliance, based on message content, and re-direct those messages on a special secure route to be delivered RPost encrypted to recipients. RPost and Clearswift have packaged this offering at a price point acceptable for insurance brokers and small to mid-sized businesses. “We use RPost in our own agency,” comments Ruthanne... Read more...

30 May 2012

Physician Groups Turn to RPost for HIPAA Compliance, Electronic Signatures, and Registered Email Delivery Proof


Be Well  Solutions, a wellness center, reports that they have used RPost with unquestionable success in terms of paper reduction, proof of compliance with HIPAA data privacy requirements, and proof of who sent what to whom and when. Dr. Michael Schechter, a physician and partner in Be Well Solutions, reports specific use of RPost to (a) encrypt messages for HIPAA compliance for correspondence to patients, participants, human resource departments,... Read more...

26 Apr 2012

Focus on Your App, Let RPost Cloud Worry about Compliance


by Eric Carter – ProgrammableWeb RPost made its name in the compliance space through its RPost API and core products: email proof, privacy, and electronic signatures. RPost’s core offering won a customer list full of household names across many industries, both public and private (Whole Foods, AT&T, and Civpol to name a few). RPost now aims to bring its compliance strategy to all internet transactions via RPost Cloud. RPost Cloud “acts... Read more...

27 Mar 2012

Overview of Policy-Based Sending with RPost Encryption

Many outbound email gateway servers (security appliances, mail transport agents, data leak prevention appliances, etc.) can be easily configured to permit messages to be automatically transformed by RPost en route to the recipient into Registered Email messages for proof and tracking, encrypted email messages for compliance, and/or with documents attached prepared for recipient electronic signature. For example, Sendmail Sentrion® server is a leading... Read more...

27 Mar 2012

The Importance of Auditable Proof of Compliance in Email Encryption Services, Reported in Insurance Industry Email Encryption Buyer’s Guide

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The Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers, in the 2010 Insurance Industry Email Encryption Buyer’s Guide, identified the most important criteria for compliant email encryption – criteria that holds true today as some of the most important purchase considerations.  The Email Encryption Buyer’s Guide selects RPost email encryption as top choice (for both 2010 and 2011). RPost ranked the highest among other providers considering the criteria... Read more...

03 Feb 2012

Keller Williams Commercial Broker Won’t Send Critical Emails without RPost

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Brian Fleming, a commercial broker with Keller Williams found RPost after a client and another broker circumvented his rightful participation in a commercial transaction. Since then, he has used RPost’s Registered Email service for all of his important client/broker communications and transactions. “There is significant advantage to using RPost in addition to the noticeable cost savings,” states Mr. Fleming. “Everything in... Read more...