RForms: Create and Automate Fillable PDF Forms

: Fillable PDF forms made easy for you and your customers.

RForms is a full-service solution for PDF forms automation, for those organizations that are committed to using complex PDF format templates and forms as part of their business processes. RForms easily transform existing PDF forms into dynamic and automated forms without any extra PDF software, tools, or licenses.


RForms allows companies to convert their existing PDF forms into electronic workflow PDF forms that can securely let users fill, e-sign, and authenticate the signing party. After signoff, RForms produce legal electronic signoff records and XML files with the data extracted from the form, with the data then pre-set to automatically parse into the sender company’s data base.


How RForms Works




Create advanced fillable forms with features including required/optional fields, calculations, signature fields, and more.

Automatically extract form data into XML, with the data then pre-set to
automatically parse into the sender company’s data base.

Why RForms?

Allow your signers to use any PDF reader (including free readers such as Adobe Reader) to fill, save, and submit your form.

Full-service solution means you can focus on higher priority opportunities and leave everything else to us.

Hear what our customers have to say

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    “A high profile client forgot to mention he was closing on a new vacation home until the morning of the closing. He was out of the state that day so I was able to email his home insurance application via RPost for his esignature. This enabled me to secure coverage for the client within an hour of his panicked phone call. RPost to the rescue!”

    Kasey McCarthy, Account Manager, Andrew G. Gordon