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RPost provides opportunities for third party software platforms to add components of the RPost services and technologies. RPost conducts a review with the third party software platforms and recommends the simplest manner to integrate RPost services so that they appear to run seamlessly from within the existing software environment. RPost generally recommends using message routing rules or REST APIs, but other options are available.

  • Seamless integration and attentive integration staff make the process quick and easy.
  • Flexible pricing models allow you to customize your offering as needed.
  • Example platforms include email platforms, business applications that automate notice delivery, contract management platforms, industry-specific management platforms.
  • A typical implementation involves adding a “Send Registered” button to an email platform or other notification system. This button allows users to access all RPost sending options.
  • “Openwave’s unparalleled experience with the world’s leading service providers gives us a comprehensive understanding of the complexities and importance of large-scale messaging systems to our customers’ business, and thus makes us very selective in terms of who we partner with. RPost is regarded as the leader in secure and legal electronic messaging, and now Openwave and RPost combine their messaging offerings, bringing to the market the most proven, robust, and secure universal messaging offerings.”

    – Lokdeep Singh, Chief Product Officer, Openwave Messaging

  • Add value to your end user experience. RMail fills functionality gaps in your existing platform, increasing customer satisfaction and improving your ability to acquire and retain customers.

    “Zola Suite’s RPost integration truly brings next generation capabilities to Zola’s email client.”

    – Fred Cohen, CEO and Chief Architect, Zola Suite.

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RPost makes it easy for distributors and resellers to add RPost services to their existing service offerings. RPost can also create a digital product strategy for telecom carriers, postal operators and other organizations with large customer bases that are looking to extend their sales to include electronic messaging services for security, compliance and productivity. RPost services offer seamless integrations with Microsoft Outlook, Office 365 Outlook Online, Gmail, and more.

  • RPost’s award-winning products are used by more than 25 million people worldwide.
  • Increase additional average revenue per user (ARPU) without any variable costs.
  • RMail is an easy and attractive upsell/bundle option for Microsoft Outlook and Office 365.
  • Example resellers include distributors, value-added-resellers (VAR), postal operators, and telecom carriers.
  • RPost connects to the main provisioning/billing ecosystem platforms, such as the ODIN APS standard, so distributors and sellers of software services can use those platforms to automate marketing, selling, user provisioning, billing, collections, and end-user training for RPost services.
  • RPost back-office operations, reporting and provisioning APIs support multi-tier distributor and reseller networks.
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Industry Associations

Generate new non-dues and recurring revenue by partnering with RPost to develop and automatically delivery member educational campaigns around electronic messaging security, compliance, and productivity.

  • RPost works with industry associations and other membership bodies and customer consortia to educate their members on how to move more business correspondence to electronic, encrypt sensitive emails and attachments, comply with data privacy regulations and obtain e-delivery proof for evidentiary needs.
  • RPost handles the marketing, ordering, and training for your members and users, collects service revenue, and remits a portion to you to further support your operating budgets for membership activities.
  • RPost is endorsed by more than twenty law and bar associations, the leading real estate advocacy group, the leading insurance technology council, and many other respected industry groups.
  • Free-to-start service plans and member discounts can be offered as exclusive member benefits.
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