13 Jun 2017

Don’t Be the Law Firm in The News!


How to lock down attorney-client communication with new tools from Zola Suite.

by Deb Tesser, VP of Strategic Planning at Zola Media

Remember the awful credit card breaches that happened a few years ago?

How damaging they were for retailers and businesses? The words tragic and

debilitating don’t even begin to cover it.

Now, could you imagine what it would be like to have to call your clients, and

explain how their personal records, documents, court proceedings or financials

have been compromised?

Unfortunately, the situation above is becoming more and more common for

law firms all over the world. In recent months hackers have started targeting

businesses with ransomware attacks, adding to the fear of the near epidemic

of malware viruses that were already circulating. But, it is possible to protect

yourself, your law firm, and most importantly your clients from a data

compromise incident.

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