30 Aug 2011

What’s Specifically New with the RPost Comprehensive E-Signature Service Upgrade

We have been asked to lay out what specifically is new with regards to the August 20 electronic signature upgrade. This provides a quick summary:

RPost electronic signature service upgrade builds upon key elements of RPost’s services: auditable proof of signoff, user simplicity, and advanced tracking and reporting of delivery, opening, and signoff events.  Specifically what is new are the following:

  1. Simplified methods of sending documents for recipient signoff from web-browsers, mobile devices, browser-based email, CRM services like Salesforce.com, and automated using web-services;
  2. Robust reporting and analytics that provide a centralized dashboard display showing sending, delivery, reading, signoff events and overall process cycle times. RPost provides real-time reporting as a standalone display or formatted to parse into sender management systems;
  3. Secure signoff processes that return an encrypted record in a HIPAA data privacy compliant manner;
  4. Stand alone fill-in forms with embedded functionality inside the form that, at the click of a button, invokes a signature verification process with timestamps, signer authentication, forensics, and handwritten and PKI digital signatures embedded in the resulting PDF format signoff record. This permits users to send an Adobe fill-in and secured form by email as an attachment to the recipient with the data the user inputs into the signoff form optionally automatically compiled into a database;
  5. Sender handwritten mouse-scripted signatures cryptographically sealed to the email message body and attachments, with a few extra mouse-strokes at the time of sending an email message.