22 Oct 2009

UK Mail Strikes


RPost’s Registered Email® service modernizes the mailstream with the proven electronic alternative to postal certified, registered and receipt mail 

LONDON, England—October 22, 2009

RPost®, the leader in value added messaging with its flagship Registered Email® services, today announced that its electronic courier solution is available as a simple, lower-cost alternative for important business correspondence during the UK postal strikes which begin this week. Registered Email services provide the sender with legal records and court-admissible evidence of email content and time sent and received without any recipient software, settings, or clicks.

While Royal Mail is treating its Special Delivery and Royal Mail Tracked parcels with priority, it is not guaranteeing their delivery during the strike, according to the Royal Mail website. This uncertainty is leaving local businesses scrambling for alternatives to avoid becoming vulnerable to severe delays and disruption. Small businesses, in particular, face challenges due to the strikes because their mail volumes are often not high enough for an alternative supplier to take on.

The RPost services fill the delivery gap with higher levels of assurance and lower cost: they operate 24 hours a day and seven days a week, offer up to a 25 times cost savings over private courier services, do not require a minimum volume, and are managed by a non-unionized workforce. In addition, RPost’s Registered Email service delivers documents in minutes instead of days, making it an attractive option for businesses with time-sensitive correspondence that needs records of delivery. Alan Shipman, author of the British Standards Institute ‘Legal Admissibility’ Code of Practice – BIP 0008 – has opined that RPost’s Registered Email records are legally admissible in UK courts as to proof of delivery, content and time for email.

“As businesses modernize their processes with software tools, they have traditionally left the high value correspondence in paper form due to standard email’s inherent risk of manipulation and claims of non-receipt,” said Zafar Khan, CEO of RPost. “The current Royal Mail strikes are proving the need for businesses to modernize the full mailstream to save money and time, reduce risk of service disruption, and gain the ability to better serve their customers and manage corporate activities. RPost is the simple-to-use, very low cost alternative to paper where records of delivery, content and time count.”