20 Nov 2007

techno Release


Let’s start with a short quiz on email accountability:

a) What do you do if a recipient disputes the content of your email?

b) What do you do if a recipient claims to have never received your email?

If your response to either of these examples makes reference to the “Sent” folder, Archive, or Read Receipt as a solution, you are falling prey to common misconceptions about email. The fact is that email stored in your “Sent” folder means nothing,because any email message can be clicked and dragged there without having been sent. An archived email may prove what you sent, but it does not prove what was received by the other side. And the Read Receipts that you get from your standard email program are legally meaningless and provide no evidentiary value since they can be easily forged,do not prove content, and require recipient action and settings to function.

Further, Ferris Research reports that 3% of business to business email goes undelivered — much of this without any bounce notification returned to the sender. So if the recipient claims they did not get the email, they may not have.

It may be disconcerting to hear, but using standardemail for business purposes is similar to signing ablank check or a contract written in pencil, andthen mailing it without any form of confirmation. Itis like taking a gamble that no one will everdispute the content or delivery status of yourmessages.


To address the risks and shortcomings of standardemail, use the RPost® Registered Email®service.RPost helps you to avoid disputes surrounding email,minimize repudiation, and ensure that your importantemail will withstand scrutiny in court.

The service provides you with legallyverifiable proof that your email was delivered,with an official time stamp, and legallyverifiable proof of the content sent and received,including attachments. The proof is in the form of aRegistered Receipt email, which contains a digitalsnapshot of the entire email transaction and can beself-authenticated at any time should an aspect ofyour original message be called into question.

Other highlights:

• Simple to use, with minimal training required.

• Simple to deploy on one desktop or thousands — setup within minutes.

• Works with all email programs including Outlook,Lotus, Groupwise and Webmail (and with handhelddevices).

• Does not require recipient to click any links orhave any special software, passwords or accounts.

• Does not store a copy of your message orattachments.

• Supports classification by client/subject matter.

The Registered Email service also includes afull menu of additional, high-value email featuresfor no extra charge. (Includes PDF conversion,metadata scrubbing, encryption, electronicsignature, electronic contracting, archive, andmore.)


Not only can you use the Registered Email serviceto add accountability to your existing emailmessages, but you can also use it to switch more ofyour important correspondence from paper to email.RPost — accredited and used daily by the U.S.government — is a trusted courier for electroniccommunications. It complies with the E-Sign and UETAstatutes governing electronic communications, so youcan send even your most sensitive documents,confidential agreements, and regulated notificationsas Registered Email messages without any need tomail a hardcopy as backup.

To give you a sense of the potential savings: youcan send about 15 Registered Email messages forless than the cost of 1 Certified Letter, and youcan send about 25 Registered Email messages forless than the cost of 1 FedEx. So skip the postoffice, store away your FedEx packing materials, andstart sending your important correspondence byRPost’s Registered Email service!


We’d like to invite you to a live Webinar which willdiscuss rules and challenges of communicatingelectronically, as well as ways that you can gainmore confidence, assurance, and legal protectionwhen using email for business purposes.

This event features experts from Thee-Policy Institute and from the BusinessTechnology Group at Locke, Lord Bissell &Liddell LLP, and will be held on November28th.