14 Dec 2010

Simplify Recipient User Experience for Decryption of your Encrypted Email


When sending encrypted email using RPost services, the sender can choose one of the following options:

Decryption at Recipient Description
 i.        Pre-Arranged Password Sender and receiver coordinate an exchange of a pre-arranged password the sender uses to encrypt and the recipient uses to decrypt the message.
 ii.        Schema Used for Password Sender informs in the email body or subject of the schema that recipient should apply for them to input the decryption password (i.e. last 4 digits of social security number followed by birth year)
 iii.        Auto-Send of Password


RPost system automatically transmits a separate email in advance to recipient, informing the recipient what the decryption password is for the forthcoming encrypted email.

The sender can opt to either generate their own sender decryption password, or set the RPost system to generate a random system generated decryption password.

  iv.        Permanent Personalized Password Upon receipt of first RPost encrypted email, recipient can opt to create a personal decryption password — all future email received encrypted using the RPost system from ANY sender, will convert en route to be able to be decrypted with the recipient’s permanent personalized password.

Note, if the sender is set to auto-send the decryption password set by sender by email to the recipient, and the recipient has set their own personalized decryption password, they will no longer receive the advance auto-send of email with the decryption password as the decryption password will have been converted en route to be the recipient’s personalized decryption password.

   v.        Re-Direct to Transport Layer Encryption En route to the recipient, RPost system tests the recipient connection and if determined to be able to accept a secure transfer with the TLS protocol, RPost converts to a message format for TLS encrypted transfer – recipient does not need to decrypt as the email is decrypted by the recipient server automatically.  If the secure connection terminates early or is not available, the RPost system reverts to message level encryption for delivery.
  vi.        Large File Encrypted Transfer The sender can opt to transmit an attachment or very large files such that the recipient can collect them through a secure connection and decryption password process as described in points (i) – (iv) above.


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