25 Jul 2006

RPost’s Registered Email And Workshare Join To Solve The Most Common Email Risks


KARLSRUHE, GERMANY – July 25, 2006 – RPost (http://www.rpost.com) and Workshare (http://www.workshare.com) have joined to tackle the most common email risks, by combining RPost’s Registered Email® services with Workshare Protect™. When users send e-mail, they will now have the option to set policies to automate, cleanse hidden data from documents, convert to protected formats and send messages as Registered Email® messages.

As recent court cases demonstrate, email can sink businesses- legally and financially. Accordingto the American Management Association and e-Policy Institute, 15% of companies have gone to court to battle lawsuits triggered by employee email.

“The simple fact that almost everyone has access to some sort of electronic mail capability causes usto take a lot for granted. While email users arebecoming more aware of the electronic record theyhave created, it is important to consider these electronic records can serve as a critically important defense for business transactions, if properly managed,” remarks Zafar Khan, CEO of RPost(R).