09 Dec 2010

RPost’s electronic signature services used to record signoff on international sales contracts


Industry/Function: Sales and Contract Management

Location: Multi-national

RPost Service: Electronic Signature & Registered Email

Use/Application: RPost’s electronic signature services were used to record signoff on new sales contracts sent to international customers. In this case, each multiple signatures were required on each sales contract and with the RPost service, the contract is sent to all signers at once, the RPost service facilitating the multi-party signoff process. The client also sent addendums to contracts and used the electronic signature services to record multi-party signoff on the contract addendums. Further, the Registered Email service was used to send 60 day contract renewal notices, with proof of delivery of the contract notices.

Benefit: The RPost services reduced international courier and fax used in the contract signing and contract notice process, eliminating time for contract execution and permitting earlier revenue recognition.