30 Apr 2011

RPost Sues ZixCorp for Patent Infringement


RPost has evaluated ZixCorp email encryption technology and determined that it infringes RPost’s United States Patent No. 6,182,219. The ’219 patent, entitled “Apparatus and Method for Authenticating the Dispatch and Contents of Documents,” is generally directed to apparatuses and methods for authenticating that a sender has electronically transmitted certain information via a dispatcher to a recipient.

RPost has asked the Federal court to issue an injunction to prevent ZixCorp from offering the infringing email encryption services. Should the court grant the injunction, ZixCorp would be required to cease offering the infringing services.

With heightened enforcement action by the regulators, most businesses that transmit protected health information or other data subject to data privacy regulations are coming to realize that the protection they need is proof of the fact that they have transmitted protected data encrypted – to protect from fines in the case of a data breach.

RPost’s email encryption service provides an auditable record of precisely what message content (body text and attachments) was in fact sent and received in an encrypted manner to each intended recipient. This is important because in a data breach after the email has reached the recipient (in the recipient’s environment, or after they have passed the information along to others), the sender will need to prove that the breach did not happen “on their watch”.

In the court case, RPost asserts that ZixCorp is infringing patents that are the underlying technology used to provide proof for the sender of delivery of information in a compliant, encrypted manner.