30 Aug 2011

RPost Patents Cover Key Elements Important to Today’s E-Signature Customers

Electronically signing a document is not technically difficult. In the United States, for example, just typing your name at the bottom of a document or email can have all the legal force of a handwritten signature if all parties have proof that you are the author of the specific content. But if you don’t have that proof, then electronic signing is legally worthless.

The key element in any system of electronic signature is creating a legally meaningful audit trail of every step of the signature process and associating that audit trail with particular electronic document content. When part of that audit trail involves email or there is a message transmission process used for obtaining signatures, signature verification or signoff authentication, it is technology protected by RPost patents. RPost pioneered the technology for proof of email and document delivery, including recording recipient reply or signoff on the message content. As more enterprise customers look to convert high value contracts to electronic signoff processes, having a legally meaningful audit trail based on RPost technology has become an emerging requirement in many customer requests.