18 Sep 2013

RPost Granted 50th Patent Worldwide


U.S. patent number 8,504,628 – RPost’s 50th patent worldwide – grants RPost broad protection of the company’s “filter and route” technology for electronic messaging. The patent covers systems and methods for scanning an electronic message’s content and routing that message for special processing based on particular cues such as a trigger keyword in the subject line, a social security number pattern, or an importance flag in the message header.

“The first implementation of the Registered Email® service used special characters typed in an email’s subject line to route a message to RPost for special processing. Our customers initially added an “(R)” in the beginning of the subject line to designate an email as important and to trigger it to be sent as a Registered Email® message for delivery proof,” notes RPost CEO Zafar Khan. “We are pleased to be granted a patent on this technology we introduced more than a decade ago and have been using with enterprise customers for almost as long.”

Today, this RPost technology is often found in email gateway servers and appliances that search for certain content or patterns and encrypt or retain the message to prevent data leaks.