02 Oct 2012

RPost Granted 46th Patent; Canada Post and Swiss Post Settle Patent Infringement Actions


RPost’s newest patent covers technology to record the indication of acceptance or rejection of an offer sent by email.

Los Angeles, CA – October 2nd, 2012 – RPost announces it has now been granted its 46th patent and separately has reached amicable settlements of its patent infringement lawsuits against Canada Post and Swiss Post, on terms consistent with RPost’s intent to vigorously protect its intellectual property, everywhere.

“We have reached favorable agreements with some of the companies that we had been forced to sue for patent and other intellectual property infringement,” states RPost CEO Zafar Khan. “We are pleased that Canada Post, for example, has included protections to block messaging traffic to the United States IP address range.” The terms of the Swiss Post settlement are confidential, as are the financial terms of the Canada Post settlement. Silicon Valley Web Hosting also recently settled claims of infringing RPost intellectual property.

“We continue to strengthen our patent portfolio with a focus on high value electronic messaging and document delivery,” adds Khan. “We have patents that cover foundational elements of email tracking, proof, encryption, and electronic signatures. The newest patent adds to the electronic transactions and signature patents in RPost’s portfolio.” United States patent number 8,275,845 covers technology to record the indication of acceptance or rejection of an offer sent by email. One of RPost’s proof and tracking patents recently challenged has now been certified as valid after re-examination by the U.S. Patent Office.

About RPost
RPost Registered Email service is the global standard for email proof, with included message encryption, and electronic signature services that enable both the email sender and recipient to track, prove, sign, and encrypt across desktop, mobile, and online messaging platforms. The service, available in eight languages, is designed for industries where the speed of contract execution, data privacy, and court-admissible email records are a business requirement. RPost, founded in 2000 and now operating from six global business centers, is in use within governments and global F500 companies, and is endorsed and marketed by influential bar associations throughout the United States. Winner of the World Mail Award for Security, RPost holds 46 patents worldwide. To learn more about RPost visit www.rpost.com.

Press Contact
David Wood, RPost Marketing, +1 310.342.0088, dw@rpost.com

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