23 Feb 2010

RPost and Goodmail Settle Patent Suit


LOS ANGELES– February 23, 2010
RPost® announced today that RPost and Goodmail Systems have resolved the legal issues between them.

RPost had brought suit against Goodmail alleging that Goodmail’s Paper Suppression service, which promised proof of delivery for email, infringed several RPost patents. The suit also named AOL and Yahoo! for their role in the Paper Suppression system.

The suit has been settled with an agreement to form a strategic partnership to provide RPost proof of delivery as an upgrade for senders of Goodmail CertifiedEmail. All Goodmail products offering delivery proof will use RPost’s technology.

The two companies will also continue to independently market Goodmail CertifiedEmail and RPost’s Registered Email®services as separate products.

“We carefully reviewed RPost’s patented technology,” said Daniel Dreymann, President and co-founder of Goodmail Systems, Inc. “We decided that we could build the strongest product offering for these compliance products by partnering with them.”

“The combined product allows both RPost and Goodmail to do what they do best,” said Zafar Khan, CEO of RPost. “Goodmail’s CertifiedEmail protects the recipients of email by letting them know that the message comes from a trusted sender. RPost’s Registered Email service protects email senders by allowing them to prove that their message was delivered and what it said.”

“The combination of Goodmail’s industry standard email certification system and RPost’s Legal Proof® will provide an unbeatable combination for our customers who send high value and sensitive communications,” said Peter C. Horan, Chairman of Goodmail Systems. “It will give companies the confidence that they need to use electronic communications rather than paper.”

Goodmail’s flagship product, CertifiedEmail, provides a safe and reliable means for consumers to easily identify authentic emails from legitimate senders. It has been adopted by the nation’s top retailers, financial institutions, newspaper and media companies, government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

Registered Email® service by RPost provides the sender legally valid and court-admissible evidence of delivery, content, and timing of any document or notice sent by email, without requiring recipients to download any software, click links, or visit special websites to open and read messages. It has been adopted worldwide by companies in a variety of industries, from large multi-national enterprises to small businesses and home users.

“Goodmail has built a strong relationship with many high volume senders and their partners,” said Khan. “We now look forward to working together with them to extend our services in the rapidly growing marketplace for high value communications between businesses and their customers.”

The companies will initially focus their joint offering on banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, and utilities that want to send their customers statements and official notifications via email.

About RPost

RPost has set the global standard for Legal Proof® records in Internet email with its core Registered Email® proof of legal delivery, eSignOff® electronic signature and contracting, and SecuRmail HIPAA compliant end-to-end email encryption services. RPost services permit the sender to prove, sign, secure, record, and collaborate with less cost, time, paper and risk. Available in eight languages and for all email platforms, RPost’s Registered Email® services have been granted 24 patents with worldwide coverage, have been used daily by the United States Government since 2003, and have been endorsed and marketed by most of the influential bar associations in the United States, including the bars of New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, and the District of Columbia. Headquartered in Los Angeles, RPost has offices worldwide. www.rpost.com