02 Dec 2011

RPost Debuts BlackBerry App – Now Available from RPost Apps Marketplace


RPost has extended its Registered Email® services to create a new class of mobile messaging, bringing the security of BlackBerry email to any recipient regardless of where they access their email.

BlackBerry messaging is known for its security. But, that security ends if the recipient is not also a BlackBerry user on the same network. With RPost the sender can opt for encrypted delivery to the recipient’s device or desktop regardless of how the recipient  accesses their email and whether or not they are on the same network as the sender. This gives the sender peace-of-mind with regards to email security when sending to any recipient; and proof of encrypted delivey by way of RPost’s Registered Email receipt. With RPost Registered Email service and the encryption option, the sender knows – and has proof – that the message was received encrypted by the recipient whether on-or-off the BlackBerry messaging network.

“Our customers who are real estate brokers have been asking for a tool that will let them send offers and counter offers from their BlackBerry devices when they are on the move, with robust time-stamped records of the offer details received under deadline,” remarks RPost CEO Zafar Khan. “We brought this and more to their mobile messaging in a manner that benefits all of our users, all over the world.” RPost now offers the app in English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

This new RPost App for BlackBerry is tightly integrated into the native ‘compose email’ function, permitting users to scroll up one position to ‘Send Registered’ email messages. The RPost BlackBerry App is now available for direct download to users’ BlackBerry device by simply pointing their BlackBerry browser at the RPost app download link or for enterprise installations, by synchronizing from users’ desktop computers.

RPost’s BlackBerry application allows users to send Registered Email messages for the most legally robust record of who said what to whom and when by email, with time-stamped proof of message content delivered to any recipient’s inbox. The sender can also opt to:

  • Encrypt to any recipient address regardless of how the recipient accesses their email, with proof of compliance with HIPAA and other data privacy mandates;
  • Track email opening with an official time-stamp of the content opened;
  • Send documents specially formatted to obtain recipient electronic signatures on the attached document;
  • Include a client reference code with the message. RPost will later embed this code into the Registered Receipt™ emails and usage reports; and
  • Receive auditable and time-stamped proof of content in replies to the BlackBerry sender’s email, serving as records of responses to offers, messages, and negotiations.

For those BlackBerry users that send important email and worry about how to maintain useful records, users can finally have a court-admissible record of selected high value correspondence automatically routed to any other email address or any email repository in the form of a Registered Receipt email. This simplifies compliance with records management mandates. Any holder of these Registered Receipt email records can have RPost later authenticate the record and reconstruct the validated original message content, time-stamps and delivery information on-demand. RPost neither stores a copy of email messages nor receipts.

Review Features and Download App: www.rpost.com/blackberry