31 Oct 2012

RPost and Clearswift Team to Offer RPost Encryption Automated based on Message Content


RPost and Clearswift have teamed to permit companies to automate detection of messages that require encryption for compliance, based on message content, and re-direct those messages on a special secure route to be delivered RPost encrypted to recipients.

RPost and Clearswift have packaged this offering at a price point acceptable for insurance brokers and small to mid-sized businesses. “We use RPost in our own agency,” comments Ruthanne Trubich of The Horton Group. Horton Group, a leading U.S. insurance broker, has turned on RPost email encryption automated with Clearswift.

Additionally, they now send their RFPs via Zywave as RPost encrypted Registered Email messages.“Zywave just could not put it into BrokerageBuilder fast enough for us. RPost is one of the easiest encryption services I’ve viewed.”

Clearswift’s content-aware, policy-based solutions benefit 17,000 organizations globally.

To request a demo or for more information, contact RPost at support@rpost.com