08 May 2009

RPost and Certicamara, the official Colombian certification authority, launch Registered Email services for the Colombian market under the brand


Certicámara, the official digital certification authority for the Colombian Republic, officially launched Certim@il, a combined Certicámara and RPost® service that provides email proof of notice, official electronic signature and time stamp services.

The combined Certicámara and RPost platform has been adapted to the Colombian legislation and is available in Spanish. “The integration of RPost’s platform and our infrastructure as the only electronic certifying authority in Colombia will provide a fundamental service to support the Colombian private and government sectors in handling email as a secure channel, with evidentiary value of legal proof, content and time, and with government supported legal warranties. Without a doubt, the RPost alliance will contribute tremendously to the growth of e-commerce in Colombia, increase competitiveness, facilitate proceedings and permit approvals that the national government wants to attain,” states Erick Rincon Cardenas, General Manager of Certicámara

More information about Certicámara and Certim@il at www.certicamara.com

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