31 Oct 2012

RPost App for Document Output Management Systems


Configured for SAP by default, configurable for other output management systems on demand.

The RPost Output Management app generally provides the following functions to connect document output management systems to the RPost Cloud for secure, verifiable, encrypted, large file, and e-signature processing.

The RPost Output Management app performs the following functions in general, and can be configured for specific situations:

  1. Output management system generates a PDF-output file that contains all of the documents that need to be transmitted in a batch.
  2. RPost App opens the output-file and checks for destination email addresses by scanning the file
  3. RPost App separates the header page if there is an email address on it, along with all of the following pages until the next header page, and prepares as a PDF document for sending attached to an email.
  4. RPost App determines sending actions (email attributes/features/encryption/e-signatures/sending address/recipient address/email body text, etc.) as defined in an XML file
  5. RPost App routes the email via the RPost Cloud for processing and transmission to the recipient
  6. RPost Cloud provides reports, delivery receipts, records, and signed contracts back to the output management system with data in XML or otherwise configurable formats for import into the output management system reporting dashboards.

Contact RPost for more information at support@rpost.com