03 Mar 2010

the Royal Gazette: RPost hones registered e-mail service after poll


Bermuda-incorporated RPost has upgraded its email encryption service in a bid to address some key issues raised by a poll of companies subject to heightened HIPAA data encryption rules.

RPost officially launched the Registered Email service in Bermuda in October 2009, which ensures immediate delivery, authenticated receipt, and proof the e-mail was sent, its time and content.

And now the firm, whose parent company RPost International Ltd. was set up on the Island in 2000 and which has wholly-owned subsidiaries, RPost US and RPost UK, has responded to the findings of an informal poll of 400 small, mid-sized and large companies in the insurance, legal and financial sectors, which uncovered the most common dilemma users, compliance officers, and IT departments face when deploying secure encrypted email services.

It also concluded that many secure e-mail systems are too cumbersome, resulting in less use and therefore, potentially more exposure to a downstream data breach.

RPost’s newly-upgraded patented service will deliver email encryption with end-user simplicity coupled with proof of encrypted delivery for HIPAA compliance, protecting users against potential fines; all packaged with an e-discovery module to facilitate production of encrypted records if required.

First generation ‘public key infrastructure’ e-mail encryption products, while elegant and secure, were reported to be too expensive to manage on corporate networks due to user ‘key’ management and legal e-discovery considerations.

Meanwhile second generation ‘store-and-forward’ systems typically send a web-link to a web-portal and the recipient is then requested to click-to-come-and-get the e-mail, log-in and download the information that the sender wants them to see.

RPost’s poll found that less than 50 percent of recipients clicked on links to download files, rendering the delivery status of the email unknown, which often led to the sender re-sending the information unencrypted.

The poll also validates the need for encrypted email services that are simple to use, simple to deploy, and above all, provide proof that their correspondence was encrypted end-to-end in case of a HIPAA compliance audit.

“The real challenge with e-mail security is keeping the user experience as simple as standard email while also managing the system,” said Zafar Khan, CEO of RPost.