18 Oct 2011

For Recipients of Encrypted Registered Email® Messages


When you receive a Registered Email® message sent with RPost® email encryption service options, you receive a message visibly indicating that it was transmitted encrypted.

This means the sender understands the importance of protecting the privacy of your email correspondence and attached letters or data. They have opted to send their messages using the RPost system to ensure the highest levels of data privacy and security. The message has visible markings to alert you that the sender considers the information transmitted to you as sensitive information which you should also treat as such. With RPost’s service, the sender also receives a Registered Receipt email that provides a verifiable record of encrypted delivery to your desktop for their assurance, confidence, and peace-of-mind that the data has been transmitted securely and privately – in a manner compliant with any relevant data privacy requirements.

It also means the sender cares about your time and email experience as a recipient — the RPost service provides this level of data security in a manner that does not inconvenience you. The encrypted email message is transmitted directly to your desktop in a format that you are comfortable with.

Here are a few user tips for a recipient:

  • In the email you receive, you can easily create your own personalized decryption password that you can then use to open all future encrypted email messages transmitted using RPost services — regardless of who the sender is or what the sender selects as the original encryption password.
  • Should you wish to reply to the sender using RPost’s email encryption service — with attachments or without — you simply click the “Secure Reply – Click Here” button in the upper right corner of the PDF message that you opened.
  • If you wish to use the RPost service to send Registered Email messages with or without the email encryption option for any future correspondence to anyone, RPost offers complimentary services available at https://rmail.rpost.com.