01 Mar 2005

Public Technology Institute,the association of city & county CIOs, agrees to educate its members on Registered Email®services as essential for government


Public Technology Institute Partners with RPost®; will conduct Registered Email® Service Pilot in Local Governments


Washington, D.C. – March 1, 2005. Public Technology Institute (PTI), (www.pti.org) thenational non-profit technology research anddevelopment organization for local governments,today announced a new industry partnership andcollaboration with Los Angeles-based RPost (www.rpost.com),developer of the service designed to protect the sender with legal proof of sending, receiving,content, authorship and official time stamp for Registered Email® messages sent to any Internet address. The product hasalready been tested and used by several U.S.government agencies needing inexpensive verificationand evidence of email delivery, content and time.


Public Technology, Inc. is a national non-profittechnology research and development membershiporganization created in 1971, based in Washington,D.C. Many of the most innovative and technologysavvy cities and counties across the nation aremembers of PTI. PTI’s mission is to help bring thebenefits of technology to local and stategovernments. Through research, task forces, focus groups, pilot projects and other initiatives, PTIworks with industry partners to keep pace with advances in technology and forge innovatives olutions to the challenges faced by local governments.