06 Nov 2004

Jack Cranley, former associategeneral counsel of CitiMortgage, writes on use of Registered Email® services to close real estatetransactions


Realtor Use of the RPost Registered Email®Service to Close Deals

By Jack Cranley,attorney at law, former AssociateGeneral Counsel of CitiMortgage.


In most real estate transactions there is an offer,counter-offer, and acceptance process. The longer ittakes to close on an offer, the greater the riskthat other parties might learn the details of thedeal. Realtors can now avoid the risk of discoveryby facilitating the offer/acceptance process withspeed, ease, confidentiality, and accountability byusing Registered Email®messages and taking advantage of the electronicsignature statutes.

Jack Cranley, attorney at law, former AssociateGeneral Counsel of CitiMortgage. Mr. Cranley hasexpertise in insurance law, real estate ande-commerce law, and is a contributor and editor forthe published financial services sector, “Standardsand Procedures for Electronic Signatures andRecords” (SPeRS).

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