19 Jan 2006

Group-Technologies has added RPost® Registered Email®services as a key component of its email life cyclemanagement products


GROUP Technologies Enters into StrategicPartnership with RPost®

Karlsruhe, January 19, 2006 – GROUP Technologies,provider of Email Lifecycle Management (ELM)software, today announced its entry into a strategic partnership with the software firm RPost. Under the new partnership, email delivery confirmation functionality provided by RPost’s Registered Email®message technology will be integrated into GROUP’s iQ.Suitefor Lotus Domino. The integration, which will resultin a comprehensive ELM solution that provides email with legal evidential value and enforceability, willbe jointly sold throughout Europe.


When email is used for business purposes, legal controversy over the delivery and content of email can sometimes arise. The business risks associated with this ever-present legal liability can be significantly minimized by the ability to provide bullet-proof, legally-valid evidence of what has transpired in email communication. The ability to verify the integrity and authenticity of email also helps organizations adhere to regulations concerning tamper-proof email archiving.


RPost’s Registered Email® message technology allows an email sender to receive confirmation that a message has been delivered,independent of the return receipt functionalityprovided by the recipient’s email system andwithout having to implement a special PKI. Thiselectronic “receipt,” which contains adigitally-signed delivery confirmation includingdelivery time, as well as a time-stamped copy of theentire original message, constitutes legally-validevidence that an email has been delivered to arecipient and precisely what that email said(including attachments).

Archivingsuch confirmations with iQ.Suite Store then providesan additional level of audit security.


“The integration of our Registered Email® message technology with iQ.Suite will create a high-performance email management solution that canincontrovertibly verify what has transpired inemail. This is especially critical to processesfound in the public and financial sectors. Workingwith GROUP Technologies, we believe the combinedsolution will quickly become recognized as astandard solution for legally valid emailcommunication,” said Zafar Khan, CEO at RPost.


“Theintegration of RPost’s innovative technology intoiQ.Suite’s ELM process allows us to offer existing2,000 customers and new customers a compelling new feature,” said Jürgen Wege, GROUP’s Chairman and CEO.

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GROUPTechnologies AG is a leading provider of Email Lifecycle Management (ELM) solutions. The intelligent, interlocking products found under themark iQ.Suite work together to enable robust security und the effective organization of email—from encryption, virus protection andanti-spam to content-based classification and securearchiving. The products are available for the LotusDomino, Microsoft Exchange and SMTP platforms.


Respected organizations like Deutsche Bank, Ernst & Young,Honda, Heineken and Miele are just a few of the over2,000 customers and more than 6 million ELM users worldwide.


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