28 Feb 2010

ePostal News: RPost and Goodmail Settle Patent Suit


RPost has called off its patent infringement suit against Goodmail Systems. The pair has settled; Goodmail is going to use RPost technology in any products that offer proof of delivery and provide RPost proof of delivery as an upgrade for senders of Goodmail CertifiedEmail. RPost, which claims to have the only legal proof of delivery of documents via e-mail around, sued Goodmail last year charging that its Paper Suppression service, which promised proof of delivery for email, infringed several of its patents. The suit also named AOL and Yahoo. The companies will initially focus their joint offering on banks, credit card companies, insurance companies and utilities that want to send their customers statements and official notifications via e-mail. Goodmail CertifiedEmail and RPost’s Registered Email services will continue to be marketed as separate products.

According to a statement by Goodmail president and co-founder Daniel Dreymann, “We carefully reviewed RPost’s patented technology. We decided that we could build the strongest product offering for these compliance products by partnering with them.”

“The combined product allows both RPost and Goodmail to do what they do best,” RPost CEO Zafar Khan said. “Goodmail’s CertifiedEmail protects the recipients of e-mail by letting them know that the message comes from a trusted sender. RPost’s Registered Email service protects e-mail senders by allowing them to prove that their message was delivered and what it said.”

“Goodmail has built a strong relationship with many highvolume senders and their partners,” he said. “We now look forward to working together with them to extend our services in the rapidly growing marketplace for highvalue communications between businesses and their customers.”