01 Nov 2010

Electronic Signatures and Electronic Documents – stronger than paper!


E-business transactions – Did you know that if executed properly from beginning to end they can reduce all types of risk and make e-contracts more enforceable than paper processes. However, simply complying with the ten-year old ESIGN Act that affords electronically-signed documents the same legal strength of wet signature, paper documents does not protect against possible disputes nor are such electronic records always considered to be admissible in a court of law.

Electronic information management – It has been reported that from the year 2007 to 2011 the amount of information that has been created, captured or replicated in digital form will have grown by a multiple of 10, meaning that by 2011 it is expected that ten times the amount of information will be produced than occurred in 2007. With the growing evolution of e-information businesses are coming to realize that because of the need for corporate accountability and the many challenges posed by e-discovery, regulations, and compliance concerns, etc.

risk has grown likewise as measured in dollars spent / lost and consequent actions taken. Unfortunately, those companies that have been burned learned an expensive lesson that email messages can no longer be allowed to disappear. Managing this type of unstructured information has become a major challenge for business executives and simple archive solutions are not up to the task.

RPost’s Registered Email services are the solution:  Please visit our website to learn how our service offerings protect the sender with legal proof of delivery, content and time recorded and for legal transactions how both sender and receiver are protected with the unique RPost electronic hand / mouse written electronic signature. Review US and UK legal opinions discussing how RPost services map to email proof and court admissibility guidelines.