30 Sep 2009

Bermuda Post Alliance


New to the Mailstream are Registered Email ®Message Proof of Delivery, E-Signature, and Secure Encrypted Email Services — Very Low Cost Tools to Speed Deal Closure, Cut Cost, Eliminate Paper, and Preserve Certified Email Records

HAMILTON, Bermuda, and LOS ANGELES—September 30, 2009

Today, the Bermuda Post Office, under the Ministry of Energy, Telecommunications and E-Commerce, and RPost®, the leader in managed outbound messaging with its flagship Registered Email® services announced they have entered into a partnership to offer Registered Email services as an official Bermuda Postal Service to Bermuda’s domestic and international businesses. The RPost service will allow Bermuda Post business customers to dramatically reduce their annual communications costs by offering a viable electronic alternative to high-cost courier and overnight delivery services.

Minister of Energy, Telecommunications and E-Commerce the Hon. Michael Scott, J.P., M.P. said “For our business customers who compete on a global scale, we are extending the mailstream to include Registered Email services that bring far greater agility and speed in conducting their business internationally, with the added benefit of irrefutable proof to protect against common misunderstandings related to email delivery, content or time.” He went on to say, “For our local customers, we look to expose them to the efficiencies afforded by Bermuda’s electronic transaction laws, with simple-to-use, low cost, and market leading electronic services.”

Bermuda Post Office customers can now send international and local business correspondence — including invoices, contracts for signature, required notifications and general information — via email with verifiable proof of message delivery, content and official time stamp.

“As businesses modernize their processes with software tools, they have traditionally left the high value correspondence in paper form due to standard email’s inherent risk of manipulation and claims of non-receipt,” said Zafar Khan, CEO of RPost. “Now, RPost and the Bermuda Post Office together close the final paper holdouts, modernizing the full mailstream to save money, time, and providing customers with the ability to better serve their customers, manage corporate activities, and reduce risk in supplier correspondence.”

The core Registered Email® service now offered by the Bermuda Post Office provides the sender legally valid and court admissible evidence of email correspondence occurring from the sender’s desktop email or directly from applications — providing the sender with evidence of delivery, content, and timing of any contract notice sent by email, without requiring recipients to download any software, click links, or visit special websites to open and read messages. The eSignOff®electronic signature service included at no extra cost, enables a one-click contract signoff by email provides all signing parties with electronically signed contracts that have evidential weight equal to “wet-ink” signatures on contracts. These services eliminate the print/sign/scan/fax/mail signoff process and courier contract notices. The complete RPost platform is offered at a flat per email price, which is about the cost of a postage stamp and only a small fraction of typical courier charges. Monthly and annual all-inclusive service plans are also available.