16 Oct 2020

RPostal & Imnudoo Optimize E-Postal Profits, Showcase for PostExpo


Frama, with two decades supporting the postal sector, and RPost, the original Registered Email™ provider, continue to innovate together, for the benefit of postal operators internationally. The combined offering elegantly creates an all-in-one web portal where consumers and businesses can print electronic stamps, franking for packages, send Registered Email™ certified email messages, encrypt sensitive email message and attachments, send contracts... Read more...

09 Oct 2020

Optimize! E-SIGN & E-SECURITY Virtual Conference Provides Important New Insights


Now Re-Live the Conference On-Demand It has been a week since the end of the October 1 Optimize! E-Sign & E-Security Virtual Conference, and the RPost team continues to pour over all the important insights from the conference. It was a fast-paced event designed to help RMail and RSign users and friends in the financial services and insurance industries, financial functional operators, and financial government regulators, optimize e-sign and e-security... Read more...

10 Sep 2020

RPost Launches Argentina Business Hub


Hub Will Support Global Growth and Expand Footprint in Latin America As part of its global expansion in electronic notifications, e-signatures, and secure messaging services, RPost is opening a new business hub in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Counting on the country’s strong high-tech talent and track record as an ecosystem of innovation, the new hub will support global operations as well as RPost’s accelerating growth in Latin America, where companies... Read more...

03 Sep 2020

RPost Opens its Optimize FinTech E-Sign & E-Security Virtual User Conference


Conference to Highlight Solutions for Customers and Friends of Financial Services Following in the footsteps of its successful June Optimize!2020 Global User Conference that was rated 4.5 stars out of 5 by participants, RPost has announced it will be holding another virtual conference designed to help RMail and RSign customers and friends optimize financial services-related operations with feature-rich and more affordable e-sign and e-security. The... Read more...

25 Aug 2020

Optimize!2020 Highlights Webinar, 80 Experts Provided E-Sign & E-Security Insights

Live Highlights Webinar of the Original Conference By popular request, RPost will be hosting a highlights webinar on Wednesday Aug 19 at 11am PT / 2pm ET. The June Optimize!2020 user conference was attended by businesses and governments across the world, who joined to hear insights from dozens of panelists to learn more about feature-rich e-sign and e-security plus affordability. Many of the attendees expressed interest in either re-living the... Read more...