13 Dec 2010

Bank uses eSignOff services for international clients


Industry/Function: Financial Services / Commercial Banking Location: Panama RPost Service: Electronic Signature Services Use/Application: A regional bank uses RPost’s electronic signature services to record client signatures on contracts used to open new accounts for clients that are located internationally. Benefit: Eliminated need to print, prepare, and courier, and reply courier, fax. Cut cost. Sped client sign-off and increased client satisfaction.  More Info

09 Dec 2010

Registered Email service for verifiable delivery of employee handbooks


Industry/Function: Industry Association / Human Resources Location: United States RPost Service: Registered Email Services Use/Application: Registered Email service was used to receive verifiable proof of delivery of employee handbooks. Benefit: Eliminated past claims by employees of non-receipt of employee handbook (when sent by standard email in prior years). Cut time and money associated with preparation, printing and delivery of hard copy handbooks.  More Info

09 Dec 2010

Human Resources sends employee notices as Registered Email messages

Industry/Function: Transportation-Airlines / Human Resources Location: United States RPost Service: Registered Email Services Use/Application: The Human Resources department sends employee notices as Registered Email messages for proof of receipt of employee manual changes, insurance benefit changes, as well as other critical communications where they are obligated to deliver and show proof of such. Benefit: This conversion to Registered Email service... Read more...

09 Dec 2010

RPost’s electronic signature services used to record signoff on international sales contracts

Industry/Function: Sales and Contract Management Location: Multi-national RPost Service: Electronic Signature & Registered Email Use/Application: RPost’s electronic signature services were used to record signoff on new sales contracts sent to international customers. In this case, each multiple signatures were required on each sales contract and with the RPost service, the contract is sent to all signers at once, the RPost service facilitating... Read more...

08 Dec 2010

Insurance underwriter obtains proof of receipt of policies and associated documents


Industry/Function: Insurance (both Agency & Carrier) / Underwriting Location: United States RPost Service: Registered Email Services Use/Application: Sending insurance policies with proof of receipt of with associated riders, waivers, and coverage details. Benefit: Eliminated need to print, prepare, and mail policy documents. Eliminated fax, cut cost, reduced risk, and increased client satisfaction.  More Info

03 Dec 2010

eCerts: How to Deliver e-Certificates Securely with Revocation Powers for Sender and Verification Powers for Recipient

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There is set of RPost services that when combined, provide for an elegant and secure way oftransmitting electronic insurance certificates, electronic titles (real estate, land, auto titles), permits, regulator issued licenses, and university transcripts while ensuring: a. Proof of content and time received by recipient. b. Proof of encrypted or private transmission to prevent exposure of sensitive data on the certificates. c. Revocation of validity... Read more...

24 Nov 2010

New Factor and Commercial Finance Industry Standard to Reduce Paperwork and Cost While Speeding Deal Closing Time

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Factoring and commercial finance firms worldwide are gaining an edge by going paperless, but not without first managing the risks of standard email. J.W. Reed Jr., president and CEO of Jhanira Capital Funding, describes his experience with RPost: “We needed a solution that could speed-up the process of transferring critical documents and more importantly protect us from debtors and clients who claim they didn’t receive a notification requesting... Read more...

01 Oct 2010

Legal Proof meets Email Encryption

After much discussion about blogs and after writing three detailed responses to inquiries just today, it occurred to me that these responses are likely interesting to some of our customers, shareholders, and advocates who track RPost. Therefore, let me share some of these daily discussions through a blog format. Let this be our first company blog – October 1, 2010, ten years after the inception of RPost. In an email dialog today, Ken Adams questioned... Read more...