19 Jan 2012

RPost App Extends Box with Legal, Secure, and Verifiable Document Services

RPost just released an RPost app integrated into Box (formerly Box.net) that extends document delivery options with a familiar email user experience. Box’s RPost application allows users to send files attached to Registered Email messages from within their Box account, for the most legally robust record of who sent what documents to whom and when by email, with time-stamped proof of document content delivered to the recipient’s inbox; as well... Read more...

11 Jan 2012

RPost Debuts New Class of Mobile Messaging for When Your Message Counts

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RPost users can now send Registered Email messages with one click from most mobile devices, providing you time-stamped legal records of delivery, encryption to secure content delivered to any recipient, and simple methods of signing and obtaining signatures on messages and documents. Our Registered Email® services now create a new class of mobile messaging for high value messages that require email proof, encryption for extra privacy, or e-signatures... Read more...

03 Nov 2011

RPost’s Desktop Software Upgrade for Microsoft Outlook Brings a Comprehensive Business Messaging Extension that Includes New and Intuitive Tools for Third-Party Developers

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RPost for Outlook 2000-2010 is an integrated messaging platform that provides for legal electronic messaging, business productivity, unique messaging collaboration, email encryption security and document signing services – all offered through a light plug-in that adds a special “Send Registered” button to the Outlook toolbar for on-demand functionality. As part of this significant upgrade, RPost also offers a new special developers’ version... Read more...

18 Oct 2011

For Recipients of Encrypted Registered Email® Messages

When you receive a Registered Email® message sent with RPost® email encryption service options, you receive a message visibly indicating that it was transmitted encrypted. This means the sender understands the importance of protecting the privacy of your email correspondence and attached letters or data. They have opted to send their messages using the RPost system to ensure the highest levels of data privacy and security. The message has visible... Read more...

22 Sep 2011

Insurance Leader Cuts Trips to Post Office with RPost Registered Email Delivery Proof, Email Encryption and eSignatures

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Here’s a new testimonial from another happy RPost customer, Bob Schackner, Director of Competitive Edge Services at Renaissance Alliance Group. Renaissance Alliance Group is an elite coalition of independent agencies, insurers, and service with over 80 member agencies. In his role as Director of Competitive Edge Services, Bob Schackner harnesses his nearly two decades of insurance industry expertise to further develop and deliver competitive edge... Read more...

08 Aug 2011

RPost Email Records Provide Winning Edge in US State and Federal Courts

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We’re always happy to hear from our customers and recently nine-year RPost customer, Engel & Siegel, LLC, a premier Chicago-based law firm, used RPost Registered Email receipts in court which provided Engel & Siegel litigators evidence that contributed to winning in court proceedings. Engel & Siegel, LLC reports that they began using RPost’s Registered Email services after an experience where they had sent a certified letter by... Read more...

30 Apr 2011

H2OSatellite brings Registered Email Service to 2,700 Supertankers and Yachts


H2OSatellite has selected RPost’s Registered Email service to enhance their satellite messaging solutions for the maritime industry. RPost will provide ships at sea the ability to send important notices to harbormasters, customs agents, insurance brokers, and logistics companies. Ships often have different operating costs in terms of insurance and lease fees while at sea versus when at port. Ship operators will now be able to provide insurance and... Read more...

15 Dec 2010

US Law firm eliminated $50,000 in overnight courier costs


Industry/Function: Law / Litigation Location: United States RPost Service: Registered Email Services Use/Application: A major US law firm needed to send out some time critical notices to parties involved in a law suit. They had to get proof of delivery by midnight, so they contacted RPost. This law firm sent out thousands of Registered Email messages within an hour of purchasing services from RPost, and they had legally valid proof of delivery of... Read more...

14 Dec 2010

Registered Email service for communications with federal entities


Industry/Function: Transportation-Airlines / Regulatory Location: United States RPost Service: Registered Email Services Use/Application: Registered Email service for communications with the federal entities that regulate the airline industry. Benefit: This legal communication brings accountability and proof of delivery to email communications, permitting them to speed processes and minimize paper and courier cost.  More Info