25 Sep 2020

“The Hair of the Dog” Lives in Infamy

Most clichés originated from terms that were once clever, useful and connoted some broader meaning from hearing the phrase. These welcome, useful terms catch on and last over time but eventually get overused and then get relegated to cliché status. “The Hair of the Dog,” as an example, lives in infamy today to mean, ‘indulge again in what you overindulged, and you may feel better’. This term originated from a 16th century medical “remedy”... Read more...

18 Sep 2020

Working from Home Continues to Test Patience of IT Administrators

Has this happened to you recently: You get an email from yourself asking you to click a link to see an agenda you didn’t write or for an invoice you never sent? The newest are people sending you pictures of checks that they supposedly put in the mail to you (hoping you click on the image which then makes nefarious things happen). Earlier this week I saw an email from myself with an exact duplicate of my own RPost signature asking me to click a... Read more...

11 Sep 2020

Messi Situation Redux: Regular Certified Mail Beats Burofax But Not by Much

A couple weeks ago, we at Tech Essentials highlighted how Lionel Messi could have saved himself a lot of trouble and even more money by using the Registered Email™ service included in RMail®. Instead of using Burofax (somebody, please find these guys another name!) he could have sent his notice to Barcelona in a Registered Email™ message, thus receiving forensic timestamped and authenticatable proof of content delivered. This message would... Read more...

07 Dec 2018

Not All TLS is Created Equal

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Many, many software service sales professionals throw around security phrases to make cyber security sound simple. Today, as technologies advance and threats get ever more sophisticated, encrypting email for privacy compliance is not getting simpler. The devil (hacker) is in the details. Here, we will try to (in a simple manner) decipher a commonly referred to catch all for security, TLS, and explain why the details are important. “Not all TLS is... Read more...

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06 Sep 2016

The Certified Mail Envelope Was Empty

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You show up in court with a US Certified Mail “Green Card” delivery receipt, evidence that supposedly proves you delivered a timely notice. The other party simply stands up and says quizzically, “Sure we got the certified letter, but no one in our office could figure out why we were sent an empty envelope!”  And of course, there’s no proof of what was or wasn’t inside the envelope. Did the mail room attendant or administrator forget to... Read more...

29 Sep 2014

RPost Builds the Post Office into Gmail

With RMail for Gmail, Millions of Users Can Now Send Registered Email Messages from their Gmail Compose Interface Stockholm, Sweden, and Los Angeles, CA —September 23, 2014– Today, RPost announced the availability of its heavily-anticipated RMail extension for Gmail for national postal operators worldwide. RMail® for Gmail creates an easy method for national postal operators to build themselves into the digital world. With RMail for Gmail, millions... Read more...

11 Jun 2013

Several Colombian Government Agencies now use RPost’s Registered Email services as a Postal Service

RPost services are now used by more than 70 departments and agencies of the Colombian government, including 10 of the 12 government regulators, the military, and courts. These agencies, along with more than 100 private sector enterprise companies including insurance and telecom operators, have now sent nearly 1 million messages using RPost’s locally branded Colombia Post service entitled CertiMail (short for Certified Email delivery proof).... Read more...

24 Jul 2012

RPost Granted Three Patents on Most Fundamental Method of Tracking Email Delivery and Opening

RPost has been granted three additional patents (US Patent numbers 8,224,913; 8,209,389 and 8,161,104) which comprehensively cover systems and methods service providers use to track email opening, delivery or failure using server logs and web beacons – technology novel in 1999 when RPost first filed for the patents, but widely used today. Most email service providers and cloud business applications today have begun to differentiate their offerings... Read more...

27 Jul 2011

Postal Services Deployments of Registered Email Services Increase 300% Quarter Over Quarter

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Postal Services in Colombia and Bermuda Deploy New Customers using RPost Technologies Service use by major customers in each market has increased 300% over the last calendar quarter. In Colombia, RPost Registered Email® services are offered by 4-72, the Colombia postal service, under the brand Certim@il™, to its 45 million citizens. “We are pleased to announce EPM Telecomunicaciones (UNE) as one of our newest Certim@il customers. EPM is one... Read more...

22 Jun 2011

La Plataforma de Servicios Postales Electrónicos de RPost Gana Adeptos en Latinoamérica

RPost ha establecido el estándar para evidencia digital, privacidad y firma electrónica globalmente. En Colombia, el servicio postal 4-72 y la Autoridad Certificadora de Firma Digital, Certicamara, entidad organizada por las Cámaras de Comercio de Colombia, se unieron con RPost en 2009 para lanzar el servicio de Correo Electrónico Certificado en el ámbito local bajo la marca CertiM@il, con la misma validez legal del correo certificado tradicional... Read more...