30 Aug 2011

RPost Patents Cover Key Elements Important to Today’s E-Signature Customers

Electronically signing a document is not technically difficult. In the United States, for example, just typing your name at the bottom of a document or email can have all the legal force of a handwritten signature if all parties have proof that you are the author of the specific content. But if you don’t have that proof, then electronic signing is legally worthless. The key element in any system of electronic signature is creating a legally meaningful... Read more...

19 Jul 2011

RPost Sues Adobe and EchoSign for Infringing Five Patents

RPost, the inventor of Registered Email® services and a pioneer of electronic signature services announced today that it has brought suit against Adobe related to the electronic signature services provided by EchoSign which Adobe announced it acquired on July 18, 2011. This suit is about Adobe’s acquired EchoSign electronic signature services that RPost has determined relies on RPost patented technology. RPost has brought suit for infringing... Read more...

05 Jul 2011

RPost Sues DocuSign for Infringing Four Patents

RPost, the inventor of Registered Email® services and a pioneer of electronic signature services announced that it has brought suit against DocuSign for infringing four RPost patents. RPost has asked the US Federal Court to issue an injunction against DocuSign to prevent further damages. RPost’s flagship Electronic Signature and Registered Email® services provide senders legally valid, court admissible evidence of email content, timestamp... Read more...

30 Apr 2011

RPost Sues ZixCorp for Patent Infringement


RPost has evaluated ZixCorp email encryption technology and determined that it infringes RPost’s United States Patent No. 6,182,219. The ’219 patent, entitled “Apparatus and Method for Authenticating the Dispatch and Contents of Documents,” is generally directed to apparatuses and methods for authenticating that a sender has electronically transmitted certain information via a dispatcher to a recipient. RPost has asked the Federal court to... Read more...

26 Nov 2010

RPost India Patent Covers Encrypted Email, Certified Email Proof, and Policy-Based Email Sending


RPost has been granted a significant patent in India (India patent number 237783 of 2003) that sends a strong signal to the marketplace in India, that users and service providers that would like to obtain or offer legal and verifiable evidence of delivery, content and time of email notices should engage RPost in some manner. RPost’s new India patent is part of a comprehensive patent portfolio of 29 issued patents in 21 countries with additional... Read more...