28 Dec 2018

Tech Essentials: The Most Popular Insights of 2018

Tech Essentials, Best of 2018

2018 was a busy year in the cyber world; in particular, in the areas where we focus — messaging security, privacy compliance, e-delivery and e-sign productivity. Our Tech Essentials educational email series has been distributed to more than 15 million business professionals in the United States and Europe, mainly to insurance, legal, investment, real estate, health care, and IT professionals. We thought you might like to review the most read... Read more...

11 Dec 2018

RPost Adds New Security Automation, APCC Top Choice

RMail Secure Gateway

RPost simplifies total email security, now with a hosted security gateway solution. Customers, especially small businesses, have all of the email threats and compliance requirements of enterprises, but fewer IT staff and smaller tech budgets. With RMail Security Gateway, now with full service hosted options, business IT staff can simply change an email routing rule and all of their email will have market leading threat protection, data leak prevention,... Read more...

07 Dec 2018

Not All TLS is Created Equal

Security Image

Many, many software service sales professionals throw around security phrases to make cyber security sound simple. Today, as technologies advance and threats get ever more sophisticated, encrypting email for privacy compliance is not getting simpler. The devil (hacker) is in the details. Here, we will try to (in a simple manner) decipher a commonly referred to catch all for security, TLS, and explain why the details are important. “Not all TLS is... Read more...

30 Nov 2018

Your Spit is Your Real Government ID

DNA Card

The DHS is using Congress’ “Real ID” Act of 2005 to require all US states to issue new, more robust IDs for air travel originating in the United States (source). Has the DHS missed the real opportunity, to consider today’s state of technology? There are already millions upon millions of dollars being spent to upgrade every citizen’s driver’s license to a “Real ID”. Why not, in the same process, associate each one’s retina scan, fingerprint,... Read more...

29 Nov 2018

Gartner Tech Trends 2019 & RPost NYC Cybersecurity Investment Conference


With a foundation of security, compliance and productivity services centered around business communications, RPost continues to enhance its core software service offerings, while building for the next generation user and IT administrator experience. Gartner’s recently published top 10 technology trends for 2019 is a useful guide to assess a company’s DNA for innovation. RPost product roadmap and continuous evolution has anticipated some of these... Read more...

26 Nov 2018

RPost European Distributor Adds its 1000’th New RMail Corporate Customer, RSign Next

1000 Corporate Customer

RPost’s Swiss-based distributor, Frama Communications, has added its one thousandth new RMail corporate customer in countries including the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, France and Italy. Frama now launches RSign, RPost’s advanced web-based e-signature platform. “We have seen the pace of new customer orders in Europe accelerate since Europe’s new privacy and e-communications regulations... Read more...

16 Nov 2018

Email Security Beyond the Soundbite

The ubiquity of smart phones and their apps have reduced the attention span for the masses. People now expect their information in big fonts, nice colors, and pretty pictures. In the tech world, while many services have features that are now described in simple sound bites, it is often the details that make one product work for a customer need; or work better than similar sounding alternatives. And, with heightened awareness of email security needs,... Read more...

14 Nov 2018

RPost Email Security Now Built Into Acturis, Leading the UK Insurance Market


Acturis has Embedded RMail Email Encryption, E-Sign, and Registered Email E-Delivery Proof as Features Inside its Market Leading Insurance Management Platform, Simplifying GDPR Compliance London, England – 14 November 2018 – RPost announces release of RMail email encryption, security, and compliance services, now available from within Acturis’ insurance management platform. Adding RMail into Acturis simplifies GDPR compliance for email privacy,... Read more...

12 Nov 2018

Whaling is Flourishing, a $5 Billion Hacker Lottery

Whale Tail

Harpooning whales is (in most of the world) a thing of the past. This is good for the kind-hearted. But in the cyber world, harpooning “whales” is a thriving and fantastically profitable criminal profession. Who is doing the whaling? Sophisticated hackers start by purchasing your information from marketing companies and LinkedIn recruiter tools. They use basic automation tools to lure “whales” into replying to an email that has no links,... Read more...

12 Sep 2018

RPost Customizes for the Title Insurance Sector, adding Email Encryption and Registered Email e-Delivery Proof Services to ResWare


Heightened need for email security, compliance, and TRID proof of e-delivery of notifications fuels demand of RPost-ResWare integration. Los Angeles, CA – 12 September 2018 – RPost, a leader in email cybersecurity software services, and Adeptive Software, a leader in title insurance management automation with its ResWare® production platform, announce the availability of RPost’s email security, compliance, and productivity services within... Read more...