22 Dec 2016

Beware What’s Under Your Christmas Tree

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Charlie Brown once said, “It’s not what’s under the Christmas tree that matters. It’s who’s around it.” It’s a lovely sentiment, but it’s hard to get into the holiday spirit when the special toy you’ve chosen for your child is taking photos of your child and recording his or her conversations, then transmitting this data via the Internet (for speech recognition processing, for example), where it can easily be associated with your... Read more...

19 Dec 2016

E-Signature Market Update: What to Expect in 2017

Much of the uncertainty as to the legality of electronically signed contracts has dissipated over the last decade and a half — through definitions in the broad state (UETA) and Federal (ESIGN) statutes, and through practice by the first few waves of adopters. Today, e-signature services are widely used by professionals within financial services, insurance, real estate, legal services, and other industries. Most business professionals are now... Read more...

09 Dec 2016

Internet Cameras and Masking Tape


Earlier this year, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, unintentionally revealed (in a photo he posted to his Facebook account) that he covers up the webcam and audio port on his laptop. He literally has a small piece of masking tape over the pea-sized camera lens and another one on the audio port where headphones plug in. The social media universe was quick to pick up on this, leading to all sorts of speculation and theory crafting about the possible... Read more...

01 Dec 2016

Astounding Trump Tweet you are not going to Believe

“Astounding Trump Tweet you are not going to Believe” – – This headline is just one example of a “fake news” item you might see on Twitter, Facebook or some other social network. Fake news is believed (by analysts and spectators across the political spectrum) to have played a large role in the 2016 presidential election, likely swaying election results in some states. In fact, a BuzzFeed analysis reported that top fake election... Read more...

29 Nov 2016

RPost Signs LAN Infotech


LAN Infotech, a leading solutions provider in South Florida, has partnered with RPost to market RMail email encryption services to its corporate customers, including law firms and healthcare practices. “There is a huge need for a simple and effective email encryption service among our customers,” said LAN Infotech President Michael Goldstein. “Our legal and healthcare customers need to reduce the risk of a data breach and prove... Read more...

18 Nov 2016

The Race to Control Your Home: Artificial Intelligence is Here


Even as early adopters today are already speaking with their household appliances, lighting systems, home security network, and computing devices through cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) enabled systems, one question comes to mind. Which AI system will lead the way to eventual mass market adoption: Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s homeKit, Microsoft’s Cortana personal assistant, or perhaps the recently announced Google Assistant? Each system... Read more...

17 Nov 2016

RPost’s RMail Adds Cyber-Security to Microsoft Outlook Everywhere

Los Angeles, CA – November 17, 2016 – RPost’s upgraded RMail cyber-security product is now available a click away for individuals and businesses worldwide that use any version of Microsoft Outlook. RMail has now been added to the largest Microsoft online stores and technology distribution channels. RMail® is a security, compliance, and productivity add-in that empowers email users with all-in-one sending options including email encryption,... Read more...

11 Nov 2016

Are Bitcoin and Blockchain Hot or Hype?

In today’s financial circles, there is quite a bit of buzz around “blockchain” technology and its myriad of possible future applications. Is blockchain here to stay or is it just hype? Bitcoin, a crypto-currency built on “blockchain” technology, gained its following among the niche techie crowd that was interested primarily in transacting across border anonymously. With Bitcoin, the hype cycle began in late 2013, with marketplace technology... Read more...

04 Nov 2016

Will Email Best Practices Decide the Presidential Election?

This year’s election cycle has put a HUGE spotlight on email. From Hillary’s ongoing email saga and FBI Director Comey’s late “October Surprise” to the alleged Russian hacking and leaking of Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails, the general public is now aware of just how easy it is for one’s email content to be used against oneself. Email is indeed everywhere, and the incredible convenience email affords makes it irresistible to... Read more...

31 Oct 2016

Nevermind Zombies and Ghouls; SEC Audits are a Real Nightmare for RIAs

This recent article, written by Equities Contributor Destiny A. Lopez, features RPost. The article discusses how the SEC has increased the number of enforcement actions against Registered Investment Advisors (RIA’s). The article also offers some suggestions as to how RIAs can comply with SEC guidelines, including using Rmail® Registered Email™ services. [Read the full article.]      More Info