24 Feb 2015

Now is the Time for Secure Emails, Digital Signatures and Electronic Contracts – A Legal Perspective


Robert Bond, one of the world’s premier legal experts in data privacy and information security, just hosted an exclusive webinar where he presented a number of practical reasons why every legal professional needs to do more than just use standard Microsoft Outlook or other basic technologies when corresponding with clients, other legal counsel, the courts and other parties. Mr. Bond, Partner and Head of Data Protection & Information Security... Read more...

24 Feb 2015

Is All Privileged Client-Provider Email Cataloged by the US Government and Accessible by Request?

All service providers (such as lawyers, doctors, accountants, financial advisors, etc.) who believe their communications with clients are private — and in some situations, privileged — should take note. Conversely, all clients who believe their communications with trusted service providers are private should also take note. If you believe the revelations reported by The Guardian after a recent July 17th interview with NSA whistleblower... Read more...