07 Dec 2012

Litigation Counsel Guide: How to Prove Service of Court Documents by Email – Update

This posting should serve as a reference guide for process servers or lawyers who need to prove service by email. (1) Serve by email (1a) Florida Rules of Judicial Administration now require service of court documents to opposing counsel by email and rely upon the sender to track and prove delivery of said emails, and any attachments, to the intended recipient. The Florida Bar now offers RPost Registered Email service as a member benefit, for use... Read more...

15 Nov 2012

RPost Upgrades its Patented Track Prove Sign Encrypt Services

RPost has released comprehensive updates of its high value messaging and document delivery services, and apps that provide easy access Los Angeles, California, USA – November 15th, 2012 – RPost, the inventor of Registered Email® track, prove, sign and encrypt technology, announces its 2012 comprehensive service upgrade. This upgrade builds upon RPost patented technologies and is the most robust Cloud SaaS (software as a service) platform... Read more...

12 Nov 2012

Entrepreneur.com: 5 Easy-to-Use Tools to Make Business Email More Secure

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by Jonathan Blum and Alex Dalenberg – Entrepreneur.com From vendors to clients to marketing outreach and beyond, countless emails fly in and out of a small business each day. And with sensitive information sometimes at the heart of these digital messages, entrepreneurs rightly want their email application to be as secure as possible. While web mail giants like Google, AOL and Yahoo already offer a high level of security, business owners still... Read more...

31 Oct 2012

Messaging Analytics and Advanced Reporting


RPost now permits sending messages and documents to lists with no minimum volumes and no monthly recipient address commitments. Sent items may be email message body text or email messages with attached documents in: 1. Plain text 2. Formatted HTML 3. Encrypted message and documents 4. Encrypted documents 5. Messages set to record recipient replies or recipient signoff 6. Documents set to record recipient replies or recipient signatures 7. PDF forms... Read more...

31 Oct 2012

RPost and Clearswift Team to Offer RPost Encryption Automated based on Message Content

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RPost and Clearswift have teamed to permit companies to automate detection of messages that require encryption for compliance, based on message content, and re-direct those messages on a special secure route to be delivered RPost encrypted to recipients. RPost and Clearswift have packaged this offering at a price point acceptable for insurance brokers and small to mid-sized businesses. “We use RPost in our own agency,” comments Ruthanne... Read more...

31 Oct 2012

RPost for Outlook – What’s New 2012

In addition to RPost’s existing services – Registered Email proof, email encryption, electronic signatures, PDF conversion, metadata management and others — RPost’s November upgrade for Outlook will include: 1. New Service: Secure large file transfer 2. New Configurations: Send secure only, with password prompt dialog Obtaining electronic signatures on email message body text Sending from Send Button with Digital Seal sender... Read more...

31 Oct 2012

RPost App for Document Output Management Systems

Configured for SAP by default, configurable for other output management systems on demand. The RPost Output Management app generally provides the following functions to connect document output management systems to the RPost Cloud for secure, verifiable, encrypted, large file, and e-signature processing. The RPost Output Management app performs the following functions in general, and can be configured for specific situations: Output management system... Read more...

08 Oct 2012

SOA World: RPost Settles with Canada & Swiss Posts


by Maureen O’Gara – SOA World Magazine RPost has settled its separate patent infringement suits against both Swiss Post and Canada Post after court-ordered mediation.RPost said in a terse statement that the settlement terms are “consistent with our intent to vigorously protect our intellectual property everywhere.” Canada Post, which is paying RPost some undisclosed amount of money under its settlement, has agreed to “block messaging... Read more...

03 Oct 2012

Post & Parcel: Canada Post and Swiss Post settle digital mail patent lawsuits


by Post & Parcel US digital mail technology firm RPost says it has now settled its outstanding patent battle with Canada Post and Swiss Post. The Los Angeles-based company said yesterday that it reached amicable settlements with the two national postal operators in the separate lawsuits regarding patents related to its proof of email delivery applications. RPost said the financial terms of settlement with both Canada Post and Swiss Post were... Read more...

02 Oct 2012

RPost Granted 46th Patent; Canada Post and Swiss Post Settle Patent Infringement Actions


RPost’s newest patent covers technology to record the indication of acceptance or rejection of an offer sent by email. Los Angeles, CA – October 2nd, 2012 – RPost announces it has now been granted its 46th patent and separately has reached amicable settlements of its patent infringement lawsuits against Canada Post and Swiss Post, on terms consistent with RPost’s intent to vigorously protect its intellectual property, everywhere. “We... Read more...