31 Dec 2009

Royal Gazette – Bottom Line Magazine

Have you ever sent an e-mail and then wondered whether or not it had arrived? Electronic messaging has made life easier, but, like posting a letter, e-mail provides no certainty that it arrived. For mail, registered post and couriers can provide proof of delivery, at a cost, but for e-mails, the best one can do is to set the e-mail server to ask for a receipt and hope the receiver hasn’t switched off the automatic response system. Those days are... Read more...

06 Dec 2009

Cayman Islands


Postal Agency Offers RPost’s RegisteredEmail Service as Cost-Effective OnlineEquivalent to Certified Mail That ExpeditesMessage Delivery with Legal Proof GRAND CAYMAN, Cayman Islands, and LOSANGELES—December 6, 2007 – The Cayman Islands PostalService (CIPS) and RPost®, the leader in managed outbound messaging with its flagship RegisteredEmail® services, today announced that they haveentered into a multi-year partnership. Under termsof... Read more...

19 Nov 2009

Salesforce.com’s Conference


By Nancy Nardin, from Smart Selling Tools. I spent yesterday afternoon, at Salesforce.com’s conference called Dreamforce. There is an exposition as well where software vendors pitch their applications or “apps”. I’m visiting each booth that appears to have tools helpful to our readers. Since we do not write about or cover tools that are meant only for the large corporate enterprise, not every software vendor is for “us”. Large enterprise... Read more...

15 Nov 2009

ePostal RPost eSignOff service

RPost Claims to Make Digital Signatures Obsolete RPost, the registered email house, say e-signatures are way to complicated for mass adoption so it’s upgraded its five-year old eSignOff electronic signature and contracting service so documents can be signed simply by using your mouse as though it was a pen – sort of like the way retail establishment use those horrid styluses to sign a charge. The company reflects that it’s been nearly... Read more...

29 Oct 2009

RPost Sues AOL and Yahoo!

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Other parties may be named in lawsuit LOS ANGELES, CA—October 20, 2009 – RPost®, the global pioneer in email proof services with its flagship Registered Email® service technology, announced today that it has brought suit against AOL and Yahoo! for patent infringement, adding their names to its ongoing litigation against Goodmail Systems. RPost has asked the US Federal Court to issue an injunction to prevent further damages. RPost’s flagship... Read more...

22 Oct 2009

UK Mail Strikes


RPost’s Registered Email® service modernizes the mailstream with the proven electronic alternative to postal certified, registered and receipt mail  LONDON, England—October 22, 2009 – RPost®, the leader in value added messaging with its flagship Registered Email® services, today announced that its electronic courier solution is available as a simple, lower-cost alternative for important business correspondence during the UK postal strikes... Read more...

09 Oct 2009

ImageSource – Guide to legal email compliance

There’s no doubt that we are an information-based society.When we want to know something, we expect accurate answers immediately. Email fulfills this need in business, settling time-sensitive questions, accelerating customer service, and communicating critical information. Yet the luxury of convenience carries a price… Last year The Radicati Group, a technology market research firm, estimated 2 million emails are sent every second. This year they... Read more...

04 Oct 2009

ePostal Goodmail lawsuit


  RPost Sues Goodmail Claiming dibs on digital signature technology, RPost has sued its higher profile rival Goodmail Systems in a Los Angeles federal court saying Goodmail’s Certified Email Paper Suppression service infringes two of its patents. It wants damages and an injunction and says other parties may be named. It claims discovery may show that “Goodmail’s partners are not only using an infringing service but are using Goodmail... Read more...

01 Oct 2009

Royal Gazette – Bermuda Post Launch

Bermuda’s international and local businesses will be able to cut down on the cost and time spent on administration, and have legal proof their email was delivered thanks to a new service offered by the Bermuda Post Office. The Registered Email service, which was officially launched at a reception held at the Bermuda Underwater Institute yesterday and will be provided by Bermuda-incorporated company RPost, ensures immediate delivery, authenticated... Read more...

30 Sep 2009

Bermuda Post Alliance

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New to the Mailstream are Registered Email ®Message Proof of Delivery, E-Signature, and Secure Encrypted Email Services — Very Low Cost Tools to Speed Deal Closure, Cut Cost, Eliminate Paper, and Preserve Certified Email Records HAMILTON, Bermuda, and LOS ANGELES—September 30, 2009 – Today, the Bermuda Post Office, under the Ministry of Energy, Telecommunications and E-Commerce, and RPost®, the leader in managed outbound messaging with... Read more...