26 Dec 2007


There are many products on the market today that are designed to help organizations manage, retain, and archive their email business records and other electronically stored information (ESI). One of the most effective technologies—and certainly one of the easiest tools to use—is the Registered Email® service from RPost. Registered Email services work just like registered snail mail, operating at the speed of email with additional functionality... Read more...

23 Dec 2007

Image Source Lockdown

As several companies continue to create products that encrypt information and add security to outgoing data, RPost finds that there is a greater need for companies to keep track of outgoing information to counter any discrepancies that may arise within the parties involved, says Zafar Khan, CEO of RPost. This includes keeping legal records of emails being sent out, which is precisely what RPost specializes in. It happens everyday. A worker claims... Read more...

12 Dec 2007

RPost® CEO Named Top 100 Global Technology Leader


Company Also Named Top Technology Vendor to Watch in 2007 LOS ANGELES—December 12, 2006— RPost® US Inc., the Registered Email® service company, today announced that Citytech Magazine, a London-based legal technology online magazine, named RPost CEO Zafar Khan one of the top 100 technology leaders to watch in its annual Global Tech Leaders Top 100 Awards. The company was also named a top technology vendor to watch in 2007. The Citytech Global... Read more...

05 Dec 2007

Archiving Option

NewCapability Automatically Copies RegisteredEmail Receipts to Secure Online Archive,Streamlining Storage and Retrieval Processfor E-discovery LOS ANGELES—December 5, 2007—RPost®, the leader in managed outbound messaging, today announced that it has added automatic archiving to its suite of on-demand Registered Email® services. RPost users are now given the option to have a copy of their Registered Receipt email automatically archived... Read more...

02 Dec 2007

Society for Computers and Law – Predictions


SCL Each year we ask a selection of IT law and legal technology experts for their predictions for the coming year. This is the fourth installment of interesting and challenging predictions from nine further contributors, including Professor Richard Susskind OBE and SCL Trustee Clive Davies. From Simon Briskman, a partner in the Technology Law Group at Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP: www.ffw.com US corporations will lobby Europe to simplify... Read more...

20 Nov 2007

techno Release

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Let’s start with a short quiz on email accountability: a) What do you do if a recipient disputes the content of your email? b) What do you do if a recipient claims to have never received your email? If your response to either of these examples makes reference to the “Sent” folder, Archive, or Read Receipt as a solution, you are falling prey to common misconceptions about email. The fact is that email stored in your “Sent”... Read more...

19 Nov 2007

Ferris Research-2

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RPost’s Registered Email service is used to provide a high standard of evidence in civil and criminal litigation. The service can prove to a court that a particular message was delivered and often even that it was read. (See yesterday’s bulletin for more.) The techniques used to discover evidence that the message has been “read” are increasingly unreliable. Return receipts are sometimes disabled or made optional by mail clients or filtered... Read more...

18 Nov 2007

Ferris Research-3


RPost’s Registered Email service can be used to provide a high standard of evidence in civil and criminal litigation. The service proves to a court that a particular message was delivered and often even that it was read. It uses digital signatures to verify the content, time sent, and time received. We were interested to read a legal review performed by a U.S. partnership of lawyers, at RPost’s behest. This dense, 29-page document sets out the... Read more...

04 Nov 2007

InsideCounsel – Certifiable Evidence

By Keith Ecker Peter Prinsen, general counsel of The Graham Co., an insurance brokerage firm, recently learned that knowing whether a recipient received an email can be more important than the content of the email itself. The brokerage routinely receives information about a claim from the client and then reports that claim to the insurance carrier via email. Normally this is a smooth process. But the company hit a snag several months ago... Read more...

29 Oct 2007


By Zafar Khan If your company does business transactions via email, you’ll need to be sure that business-critical messages are treated, well, critically. While most email users are not concerned about the electronic record they have created, it can serve as a critically important defense for business transitions, if properly managed. Businesses must consider anti-spam laws, e-discovery rulings, storage and retention of emails. Proof of... Read more...