01 Nov 2005

Illinois Association ofRealtors endorses Registered Email® services as atool to help its realtors do more better, faster,and cheaper

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RPost Registered Email® Service Endorsed by The Illinois Association of Realtors® The Illinois Association of REALTORS®(IAR) is pleased to announce its sponsorship of RPost®Registered Email® services for use by IAR members in theirtransaction-related email communications,confirmations and notifications among clients andother REALTORS®. “RPost Registered Email®service is the email communications breakthrough that REALTORS®have been waiting... Read more...

08 Aug 2005

Canadian Trade Commissionerwrites about the evidentiary value of email vis avis paper and post mail, discussing RegisteredEmail® messages as evidence


A report on the Computer Law Committee of the IPSection of the California State Bar and SouthwesternUniversity School of Law, prepared by Thomas Palamides,Canadian Consulate General, Los Angeles, was released to business and government executives onAugust 10, 2005.   Thomas Palamides, Trade Commissioner, CanadianConsulate General 550 S. Hope Street, 9th Floor,Los Angeles, CA 90071 Thomas.Palamides@international.gc.ca  More Info

08 Aug 2005

California State Bar Association

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Does Email Have the Same Evidentiary Foundation as Paper-and-Post Mail? RPost® was invited to speak to the Computer Law Committee of the IP Section of the California State Bar and Southwestern University School of Law on August 8. The topic was about email having the same evidentiary foundation as paper-and-post mail, some of the legal risks of standard email, misconceptions of various email security solutions in the market, and the evidentiary value... Read more...

25 Apr 2005

Lawyers Weekly Mass

You’ve Got RegisteredMail Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly   Registered mail is so last year.   These days, all the cool lawyers are turning to registered email. Well, maybe not all thecool lawyers, but chances are it’s only a matter oftime before everyone who wants positively certainthat their intended mail recipient actually receivedwhat was sent will be doing so through theircomputers.    More Info

01 Mar 2005

Public Technology Institute,the association of city & county CIOs, agrees to educate its members on Registered Email®services as essential for government

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Public Technology Institute Partners with RPost®; will conduct Registered Email® Service Pilot in Local Governments   Washington, D.C. – March 1, 2005. Public Technology Institute (PTI), (www.pti.org) thenational non-profit technology research anddevelopment organization for local governments,today announced a new industry partnership andcollaboration with Los Angeles-based RPost (www.rpost.com),developer of the service designed to protect... Read more...