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RPost Platforms

RPost has developed several platforms available to individuals and businesses of all sizes. Powered by Registered Email technology, these platforms revolutionize the way email is used.

For example, RMail® enables subscribers to empower their email for visibility, privacy, electronic signoff, and improved collaboration. RSign makes it easy to prepare and send any document or form to be signed electronically by any anyone, anywhere, and on almost any device.

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Registered Email Technology

“Who said what when?”

Services powered by RPost’s Registered Email technology return a Registered Receipt email record for every email sent, legally proving delivery, content and time of important electronic correspondence. Registered Email technology is just one of RPost’s 50+ patented technologies.

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Let’s Work

Registered Email technology and other patented RPost technologies are integrated into many of today’s most widely used software platforms.

If you would like to build RPost technology into your company’s software, or if you are interested in reselling RPost products to your business customers, we invite you to learn more.


The RPost Difference

For more than 10 years, we’ve provided electronic messaging innovation to business and government customers throughout the world. Additionally, our partners count on RPost to help realize their project goals and unlock new revenue streams.

We’ve built extensive functionality around our Registered Email technology, allowing our users to get even more out of their Registered Email-powered platforms.

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Click the “Send Registered” button on your preferred platform to access all RPost sending options. Sending important information by email has never been easier.

Automatically receive robust evidentiary records for your email correspondence in the form of our Registered Receipt email record. This protects you in case a dispute arises around who said what, when and how.

Get on-demand, third-party authentication of message content, time, delivery status, privacy compliance, and more.